what u think/hope the next dev blog will be about

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well the last 3 devblogs all were amazing. i think its time now to speculate what we might see next.

me personally hope to see some the water physics , will it be possible to create rivers not only on flat ground ? maybe we see some waterfalls ?

what are your thoughts/wishes for the next videos `?
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I wish for more behind the scenes stuff :)
What drives the team to push boundaries, how they make their art and physics work in a thriving park.
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I want to see more coasters!!! Now that I think about it, we have been shown very few coasters in game.
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I want to see path benches in action, I feel they are a vital part of any theme park. The integration of them will make or break this game for me :wink:
I hope to see : water (with a waterfall and a river), particles (some effects), something indoor (and not underground), a new coaster (the wooden maybe)
I hope for them to subtitle the interviews. At least doing so with old videos. But I know I am in minority.

I would love to see the new color system that has been talked about. [heart]
I am deaf so I miss 100% haha but even for people like you it will be a help.
Yeah, I know. This must be annoying for you to not knowing what they say at all.

And yes, this can help a lot, many people just dont talk english (or they know only a few words), but it's not even the biggest problem, I dont even want them to translate in german, french, spanish, etc... but at least english subtitles, because sometimes they speak too fast, and some words are quite complex.
Next one...if you can call it a dev diary...will most likely be outlining the features available in the alpha and what they hope to get out of it.
I hope to see longer in-game gameplay (not prerendered) and more guests interaction with the environment. Also, more information of what to expect in early access and when would be very great.
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