Game Discussions Whats the buggiest game you ever played ?.

Loved that game, sort of a proto-Mass Effect :)
I used to read the reviews and walkthroughs of the PC/Amiga version in my favourite monthly game mag, and a dream came true when I found out it got released on my platform the C64 as well (the other two were out of my reach, only the "rich" kids in my class owned them but they weren't interested in those kind of games). Only for that dream to be crushed again when I realised the game was a complete dud from a technical perspective. Bought through mail order (back then I had to call phone numbers of retailers that often didn't even have a shop, based in the larger cities so couldn't return it without a lot of hassle).

Those were the days...
It has to be the original DayZ.
It had so many bugs you needed to be aware of and circumvent, it became an integral part of being successful to know them all. But it was brilliant, and one of the best multiplayer experiences I've had!
What was it? The map? Ease of connection? The zombies (never worked properly). Noobs to spawn camp? Or the force feed mechanics?
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