What's the top 10 dinosaurs you want from this game?

One thing that's not really consistent from the Dinosaur Wishlist Megathread is preference, being the reason for this little post.

I'd prefer only true dinosaurs (not aerial or aquatic animals for example), though for statistical purposes I'll just select the highest ranking true dinosaur as your No. 1 pick, going on from there.

Please list your dinosaurs in order of preference, the first one being the one you want most. You may list less than 10.
Forfor me it would be beautiful to have all these dinosaurs in one game but probably unrealistic but this is just my wishlist I don't expect all these animals to be included into the game in sometime in the future probably in the next game if there is one.

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Wish that if they won't add cenozoic the Evolution then make a game just for cenozoic.
It does seem like it might have to be that way, based on the JWE and Planet Zoo communities seeming to both feel like they don't belong (the Planet Zoo community is quite aggressive about it).

The main JWE objection is the tropical aesthetic, which is thought to change for a sequel, if that comes to fruition.
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My Top 8 Cosmetic Dinosaur Skins Needed in this Game.

1. BARYONYX CONCEPT SKIN: even thoughthis was a concept art for the original baryonyx for Jurassic world and the baryonyx was cut out from the first film I think that this skin would add a lot of lure to Jurassic world evolution if this were added in because of fan service from the Jurassic World website and also I really adore this model and skin and I hope Frontier implemented into the game. wasn't a big fan of the baryonyx in fallen kingdom cuz well that's one of my favorite dinosaurs and the feeling is mutual.
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2. TYRANNOSAURUS REX NOVEL SKIN: I am a big fan of the novel of Jurassic Park and I'm was hoping Frontier would include something involving lore references even to the novels since most of the lore in this game are references to the novels, anyway I hope Frontier include the skin sometime in the future and I definitely pay money for the skin if it were to come out in a deluxe pack.

3. APATOSAURUS 2015 MOVIE SKIN: the apatosaurus in Jurassic world Evolution seems too stiff when it moves in my taste for dinosaurs especially with that tail I understand that some people I would say that it differentiates it from diplodocus but that's the reason why I chose diplodocus over apatosaurus in Jurassic world Evolution because it absolutely looks like the movie apatosaurus it's not as fat and it looks like a dinosaur I would choose over the apatosaurus every time. I'm hoping Frontier will include a Cosmetic Skin sometime in the future for this dinosaur 2 move up to my top 10 list one day.

4. ANKYLODOCUS: my least favorite of all the hybrids in Jurassic world evolution but a skin that actually would make this dinosaur more awesome would probably look like this to be honest I wish they had gone with this design of and Kyle Atticus to make it look like a hybrid of ANKYLOSAURUS and DIPLODOCUS. I hope frontiers could also one day improve the design of the dinosaur through a Cosmetic Skin just like this image down below.

5. PARASAUROLOPHUS Concept Design: of course my friends this dinosaur is our favorite due to the Jurassic Park designs because of return to Jurassic Park including all the skins from the movies but I was kind of hoping for also the Jurassic World concept skins as well and this skin seems perfect for inclusion due to the fact that this animal with this concept would be so iconic.

6. CORYTHOSAURUS Re-Model Skin: the Corythosaurus currently in Jurassic world Evolution looks so weird I don't know what it is but I can't connect well because this animal doesn't look or feel right compared to the movie version it kind of looks odd and I noticed something this animal looks pretty fat or at least the Jurassic world version looks fat I was kind of hoping that Frontier could include the Jurassic Park 3 corythosaurus redesign Cosmetic Skin but we got we got but I'm hoping Frontier will include this do a free update for this animal because I do love the Corythosaurus but it just doesn't feel like the movie version. For example the animal is too thick and also the head looks weird I think that the Crest is the problem it's too thick to be a part of the animal but who knows maybe scientific liberties were taken for the corythosaurus however I hope a cosmetic redesign will be coming for this animal in the future.

7. CARNOTAURUS RED SKIN 2018: of course my friends we cannot forget about the beautiful yet awesome carnotaurus, especially the carnotaurus from fallen kingdom with its beautiful Scarlet red Skin or Diablo skin as some people call it. Anyway this is a dinosaur skin I really am hoping Frontier will add in sometime in the future for this game's lifespan before 2021 and also it's something carnotaurus needs because the other skins are awesome but I feel like another movie reference skin would be great.

8. PACHYCEPHALOSAURUS Concept Skin: of course another beautiful skin that the pachycephalosaurus needs to be added and also cosmetic redesign in order to make it look beautiful with the skin as well and I really hope Frontier decide to also give us fan service on all these concepts skins since many of us were hoping that they would be the more scientifically accurate versions of the dinosaurs that are present in the movies but anyway I really am hoping pachycephalosaurus does get this skin sometime in the future.
Here is my list of 10 dinosaurs (which are presently NOT in the game), that I would like to see.

  • Alioramus/Qianzhousaurus
  • Nanuqsaurus
  • Austrovenator
  • Austroraptor
  • Torvosaurus

  • Saltasaurus
  • Therizinosaurus
  • Gigantoraptor/Deinocherius
  • Pachyrhinosaurus
  • Protoceratops
Okay let's be serious here these are the best dinosaurs that would not only have the best mechanics in the game but also be amazing to have in our exhibits for this game to succeed in dinosaur diversity. Pteranodons and sea creatures don't count.

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1+ if you agree
Top 10 Creatures That Must Be In This Game In My Opinion
1. Dimorphodon (It can be at Aviary)
Canonical Apperances: Jurassic World
Reason to add: Its movie canon.
It can be at (Jurassic World Pack)
2. Mosasaurus (It can be at new structure named ''Underground Aquarium'')
Canonical Appearances: Jurassic World
Reason to add: Its movie canon.
It can be at (Jurassic World Pack)
3. Tylosaurus (It can be at new structure named ''Underground Aquarium'')
Canonical Appearances: Jurassic Park: The Game
Reason to add: Adding 1 more half canon aquatic reptile with the Mosasaurus would be nice.
It can be at (InGen's Creatures Pack)
4. Segisaurus
Canonical Appearances: Jurassic Park
Reason to add: It brings nostalgia from JP and its half canon like muttaburrasaurus.
It can be at (Carnivore Pack 2)
5. Cryolophosaurus
Canonical Apperances: Warpath: Jurassic Park
Reason to add: Unique dinosaur. It has a strange crest looking thing on top of its head and its big as an allosaurus.
It can be at (Carnivore Pack 2)
6. Deinosuchus
Canonical Appearences: The Lost World: Jurassic Park Arcade Game (I know it might be not cannon)
Reason to add: This crocodile is one of the biggest and most famous prehistoric crocodile.
It can be at (InGen's Creatures Pack)
7. Monolophosaurus
Canonical Appearances: Its not cannon.
Reason to add: Unique dinosaur. Its slightly bigger than the Metriacanthosaurus and its skin is thick but it also has long lengs which helps the dinosaur for running faster. It looks like a Dilophosaurus little bit but it has only one crest and its a lot bigger than the Dilophosaurus.
It can be at (Carnivore Pack 2)
8. Shunosaurus
Canonical Appearances: Jurassic World: The Game and Jurassic Park: Builder so it's just half canon
Reason to add: This dinosaur would be the only sauropod dinosaur that is able to protect itself in the game. If we don't count the Ankylodocus. Its body sculpture looks like Camarasaurus sculpture but its neck looks like a Diplodocus neck and for defensing itself it has a ball looking bone which has 4 big spikes.
It can be at (InGen's Creatures Pack)
9. Microceratus
Canonical Appearances: Jurassic World Official Page
Reason to add: Its JW canon.
It can be at (Jurassic World Pack)
10. Teratophoneus
Canonical Appearances: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Removed Scene)
Reason to add: Its physical appearance is between of T-rex and Albertosaurus. Teratophoneus is smaller than the Albertosaurus. Its at the size of a Metriacanthosaurus.
It can be at (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Deluxe Dinosaurs Pack)
And just 2 more bonus dinosaurs...
11. Peloroplites
Canonical Appearances: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Removed Scene)
Reason to add: Its a unique looking small nodosaurid dinosaur that is supposed to be in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie.
It can be at (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Deluxe Dinosaurs Pack)
12. Concavenator
Canonical Appearances: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Just as a wallpaper)
Reason to add: Its the most unique looking dinosaur in the whole list I made. It would definetely be the strangest dinosaur in the JW: Evolution if it would have added in the game.
It can be at (InGen's Creatures Pack)
These are the creatures that I want to see in the Jurassic World: Evolution
Like if you want to see them too.
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