What's your personal challenge?

Anyone can hit Triple Elite if they want to - while it's tedious, it's not particularly hard.

I first hit Elite in Trade purely by accident. I tried VO mining, enjoyed it and brought in a few billion and wham - Elite!
Cool. (Blows on knuckles and rubs them on my shoulder.) ;)

I decided to point my nose at the wider galaxy and set off in my wee li'l DBX Big Bad Nasty Warship and had a glorious few weeks jumping and scanning my way to Elite Explorer. I'm quite proud to say there are a few ETW's with my name in the Codex now. :)

Combat Elite is arguably the toughest, or at least the grindiest, but I'm well on my way.

To make it more fun, many of us have personal challenges - restrictions, private rules, et cetera - that make one's personal game more enjoyable. I'd like to share them here, if anyone wants.

My personal challenge is decidedly minor, but I like it. I used to fly commercially in real life (fixed wing and helicopter) so I command my ships like I would a real-life aircraft: precise and strict procedures around Class D Space (stations), systems not used powered down, precise use of checklists, etc.
I don't always, and when I don't I run into trouble - such as a recent death when I ran out of fuel when I took a real-life break while the game was running. (Though it can be argued that I was in fact following my procedures by working to avoid contact with pirates...)

What personal challenges do you employ in your personal game?

Become well known as an enforcer for my integrity, honor and skill in combat. That's it, that's all I ever wanted. Fortunately, it's open ended, I can always be more vain and seek more fame, and I can always get better at combat cos I see the skill cap as near infinite. :)
After reaching any number of milestones, the game is a pastime, but not played for hours on end.

The reality is that the game is constrained by its design. It is composed of variations on a theme, shoot it, scoop it, discover it with piloting and driving thrown in and some well done visuals.

We’ll see what they have for later...
Would like triple Elite by the end of the year. Maybe get that quadruple Elite eventually!

Combat Deadly 16%
Trade Elite
Exploration Pioneer 50%
CQC Amateur 6%

So very achievable. Ranks have never ever really bothered me but considering Elite is 5 years old in December and I've spent over 6 weeks in game I should probably get the achievements and ranks to support my time played ha. It's funny I'm sure I got to Dangerous in combat that the void opals n painite boom happened and my Entrepreneur rank become Elite within a week or two. Exploration hasn't changed much I did a few deep space exploration missions... Sagi A and Colonia then a couple hundred mill passenger missions, not touch since!
Getting combat elite in order to complete the triple. Then in the alt account 'Mubbers' getting triple Elite but with restrictions. No missions unless they are to achieve unlocking the engineers even then take the lowest pay out, only earn money via CZ, bounties, exploration, trading. Only classic ships allowed.
I mostly explore, and when I do, I always aim for a particular point in the galaxy (or rather, multiple points, a nice long exploration route). I'm not concerned about tags or money or status, just seeing the sights, nothing more.

Right now though, I'm between explorations. Tried a bit of mining, enjoyed it, and noticed yesterday that I'm not far off elite, so I might as well finish that. Then, who knows? Maybe go off exploring again. Maybe some pewpew. Maybe some of that alien stuff. I drift happily from one target to another.
I'm role-playing a mix of the "A-Team", "The Littlest Hobo", and a CIA operative. My goal is to find 'small town' systems that have been overrun by big bully factions and help the rightful owners of the system to regain control. Since I'm doing this along, it can take weeks to flip just one system. And even when it's flipped, I stick around for awhile to make sure the home faction is in good shape before moving on.

My challenge in this is no gimmicks or exploits, just old fashioned and honest tools of the BGS trade.
I made explorer elite in about 4 months of playing, trade elite recently - after a little over a year of play, combat elite is a long way to go but is a target that may take a while to reach...
Visiting Beagle Point will be another target, some time :)
I have no specific codes of behaviour, though I tend to naturally have somewhat less than optimal builds because I don't like the min-maxed ones. Currently I've been involved in furthering my faction in BGS, trying to get it to expand to sphere of influence of a Power with more compatible ethos, but I'm starting to have enough of that. If I don't stop playing for some months, I'll probably return to my exploration goal of visiting the four corners of the galaxy.

As simple as that. More credits at the close of play; than I started with.

It is my belief, that this was the original concept of the 84 game.
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