What's your personal challenge?

Starting to think I might also have this goal.

Had to grab 10 painite to unlock a particular engineer, and figured, hey, why not just bring out the T9 and do a whole load. Took a look at Painite prices and then realized a single load today would double my current bank balance. Maybe I'll do this just a few more times just to ensure I have the funds if fleet carriers are somehow available for lone wolf commanders to purchase. So, yeah, profit has kind of been my on-again, off-again overarching goal.
I found a honey hole for Painite and mined about 3billion last week in a Python. Getting my Cutter this week. Had to have the credits.
Would love to hit Triple Elite too and maybe start working on some CQC. I find combat not only grindy but difficult and slow in my case. I'm 5% Expert in Combat, 35% Broker in Trade, and 100% Elite in Exploration :D.

Would love to hit Triple Elite, but again, I really, really dislike combat in this game. I'm on Xbox, don't know if it's that, my ship, or just me (I'm banking 85% me, 10% ship build, and 5% Elite Controller lol).

My other personal challenge is to try and discover something interesting and fun for Commanders to go check out. Always in the search for new Generation Ships, something spooky out in the Formidine Rift, or maybe even the Dark Wheel and Raxxla!

Open those permit locked systems FDEV!
Triple Elite because I want the special logo you get for that, only combat to go now...
Same here, although sitting at 61% Deadly and it's moving soooooooo sloooooooowly. Doesn't help I dipped my feet into PvP lately so maybe it's time to focus more on NPCs again.

For that I would really love to have my Corvette... which sits idly in Colonia and I don't have the 1.1bn in funds to transfer it back to the bubble. Maybe I should go back there again instead.

I actually noticed that decal on someone else's ship last night, and while it's very neat, is it worth grinding for combat rank... I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE
I found a honey hole for Painite and mined about 3billion last week in a Python. Getting my Cutter this week. Had to have the credits.
Nice, I'm working my old Painite source and it's just a good as I remember. Laser mining seems like what fishing might be like, anyhow--nice and relaxing. 'Till you realized you parked your space cow directly in line with a giant bulge in the asteroid that you missed on earlier inspection. Now it's come 'round to do what we call in Rocket League a flick.

And you're the ball.
I’m using a reset second account ( I spent far too much time trying to achieve a Terry Thomas look in Holo-Me for my dastardly Reynard Vulpes character but no real joy so settled for slicked back hair:cautious: ) to play ‘smallscale;’ no large ships, no rush, no shortcuts. I think I’ve watched too many Isinona vids on YT:) It’s quite enjoyable to throw off the mission stacking, npc insta-kill Vettes and determination to reach whatever goal in whatever timeframe. I even pick up single canisters now, on my primary account I never bother.

Speaking of which, I’m rumbling slowly towards triple Elite at 46% Deadly after which I’ll no doubt find Raxxla and broker peace and understanding with those Thargoid chaps. Or I could mine Painite until my face falls off and Selene screams “enough already,” thereby becoming a folk hero amongst the stars. Rock Hunter would like to hear his name sung in a narrative heavy folk song accompanied by a round backed mandolin. He is unashamedly vain.
Death = Clear Save, 100% play in open.

I could get a corvette but i died. So i'm now in keelback after my most recent death and clear save.
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