When Building a Park - Are You Paused or UnPaused?

I was thinking the other day about whether I should close the park and un-pause so I can see how things work, or carry on as I normally do, which is to pause the game and build the theme park that way.

Which way do you build (in sandbox mode)?
I typically leave the park open so that some timed stuff still happens...like employee upgrades/training and stuff like that. I do only allow 500 guests in while I build to help keep FPS as low as possible. If I'm doing some heavy building, I may pause temp to make it a bit better as well. I do like to keep it running so that I can see coaster stuff and ride stuff working correctly. I will also bump up guest numbers sometime to test activity/interest on certain rides and tweak them as needed. When I do let masses of guests in...I will also sometimes block off certain parks of the park (either with path blockers or by closing certain rides) to keep them focused on what I'm trying to monitor.


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I used to close the park but that got boring to the point that I didn’t like building them so now I leave it open which keeps me motivated to keep building especially if guests like everything. Building a park isn’t boring anymore.
The other problem with building while paused is that animatronics don't run. So trying to place water splashes for falling objects or the like requires an unpaused game.

And when I did scenarios I often had to leave things open because those peeps riding a ride with an unfinished scenery or queue helped pay for said scenery and queue. I suck at advanced planning....
Paused (unless it´s required to be running -> already mentioned water splashes etc.). Reason is simple, the game runs better when paused and it´s rly driving me crazy when it lags while you are building something.
I leave it paused for the most part until i need to see things moving for testing purposes. My Reason is not that the Game runs better (which is a nice side Effect), but i won't have to worry about stuff running smoothly. I don't want to be distracted by things happening in the Park that might need my attention.

On the other Hand, when i am playing Challenge or Scenario, i let the Game rolling because then it generates Money for me that i can use for building.
To quite simply answer the question, I am generally unpaused when working I'm building my park in sandbox.

However, with that being said, I usually close the park itself - it probably helps with FPS when you don't have a load of peeps roaming around. And it still means I can test certain things such as rides and animatronics without too much hassle. Though if I happen to be expanding to an already opened park, then I tend to just pause it so then I can get everything in place without needing to worry about other aspects of the park.

With regards to playing scenarios, I'll tend to leave it open so money is still generated.
Paused for nearly everything. I don't like to use in-game time for construction, so even when I need to run to test coasters or animation I'll usually do a go-back-to game save, run what I need to, save the blueprint, open the go-back-to game save, and buy the blueprint.

On that note: that PlanCo doesn't have the option of opening a saved game paused, and insists on burning in-game-time before the pause option is available, is extremely frustrating to me! [sulk]
Well... none of us who are building large mega parks can build unpaused anymore due to the horrendous lag bug since 1.9. But I used to build unpaused. I love listening to the sounds of the park while I build.


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Personally I played un-paused, no particular reason though. I guess I just enjoy watching all the guests do their thing while I'm playing :)
Un-paused so I can follow the stream of visitors and test barriers/kerbs. Also the pause-music is imo very depressing...
How do you close a park after it's been opened? I currently have about 3200 guests but want to close the park so I can redesign a couple of areas.
Empty park, paused 99% of the time. When an area is done I'll unpause and let guests in to see where I need to hide kerbs. Also unpaused for coaster building of course :)
Personally I played un-paused, no particular reason though. I guess I just enjoy watching all the guests do their thing while I'm playing :)
Same here, I love to play it unpaused, the interaction of the guests is so magical. But how bigger the park gets, the more I paused the game.
When i start a new sandbox i always pause to make the entrance and first few rides, while unpausing every so often when needed to see if scenery is in the right place or special effects were positioned right. But when building a coaster i have to unpause but then it annoys me when things start pinging away and im trying to concentrate :)
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