When is FDEV fixing the Asterix's for "First Discovered By" and "First Mapped By" in the Galaxy Map?

So I decided to go on a long cruise, finally get my name on the Galaxy map. Spent a week out in the black, visit the Heart and Soul Nebulae. Come back to the core and sell the data. I get a message from all the pages I sell to the cartographer that I was the first to discover a whole bunch of planets and stars, and mapped them. I take a look at my galaxy map...Asterisk's where my name should be, checked back later, same thing, next day, same thing, next week, next month. It's been about three months now and still, my name is in asterisk's.
I googled it, and found a bunch of forums where a ton of people are having this same problem on not just the consoles but PC as well. Apparently it's been happening for YEARS! And still no fix. Are they just not going to fix it, are they incapable of it? What's the point of exploring to get your name out there, which let's be honest is the only reason a lot of people go out to do it, if you can't get what the game says you do?

Kinda frustrating...So you, the forum, get to hear about it. LMAO!
Yup, still seeing them for every system I've discovered and mapped, on Xbox one.
EDIT: The first system I discovered and mapped I book marked. PLAA EURK DZ-H B23-3. Still showing asterik's. Havn't needed to use the Codex (Been grinding mats and combat rank) so maybe I can find the ones I discovered there if they've been logged.
2nd EDIT: Nope nothing in Codex.
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