When will Community Goals return?


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If FDev still accepts user submitted CGs, does this mean new CGs just last longer - e.g. one month?
I don't believe so - as far as I know CG duration is still 1 week, just in the case of CGs as part of Interstellar Initiatives, the II runs for around a month.
Presumably you could put up the thread? - since it is in game?



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By the way - anyone want to at least try to post in that thread - make sure you can please? (New forum software, new danger - still working out how everything works!)


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I suppose I can concentrate on getting my main Flossy account further towards the bubble, returning from BP.
Frontier: Gentlemen! We do not have any ingame events until July.
Forum user #1: What about the community goal?
Frontier: You've already had it.
Forum user #1: We've had one, yes. What about this week's?
Frontier: leaves thread
Forum user #2: Don't think they have one for this week.
Forum user #1: What about other incentives to play until 2020? Player agenda? Personal narrative? Community engagement? Raxxla and other mysteries? Living and breathing galaxy? They know about that, don't they?
Forum user #2: I wouldn't count on it.

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