Where is the exploration?

It wasnt impossible, it was difficult. I had no idea you could turn the gfx down and i still found stuff, plenty of players did. It was a challenge to be mastered. Its a shame they didnt let players put a name tag on the landmarks tbh.
It's was not challanging. Unless you call spending time just flying over a surface looking in the likely spots for hours challanging. I suppose it was a challenge to not die of boredom, but I don't think that's a good thing.

While I like the probes mini-game, it should not result in pinpoint coordinates there should have been search locations. Then there could be an optional wave scanner module which you could fit which would help you pinpoint these places or you could use the MK1 eyeball if you so wished. You get the pinpoint coordinates after using the composition scanner at the POI.
Morning folks.

Exploration has been a hot topic for months, I'm just some noob who came to reignite the old rancors. :LOL: Well, do I have all the answers at least? No... I'm a noob.

There is technical reasons that make exploration a little less than enjoyable for some players, some of which we identified. May this thread serve to point that these shortfalls may spoil the experience of new players as well as the old ones. (but mind, I might really be the one new player who is bothered)

Many agree that there is room for improvement, but no one has agreed on an universally better implementation of the current system, so I don't believe anyone should raise issues with FDev, at least until we get some ideas.

There is a post of Riverside that could be developed into a fantastic improvement over the current installment I believe, I'll keep it dearly, but I'm not expecting to see it into the game tomorrow. In fact, I'm not expecting to see it into the game at all. I didn't burst here demanding change as some seem to think.

I did bring with me a fair amount of prejudice for which I apologize, but I've also been treated like "oh, no! This thread again?" since the start. so... peace. Ok?

I don't have anything else to add, I won't even be able to play for a week.

Happy Easter!
To stay in line with frontiers.. frontierishness, one doesn't have to tell them what to do at all.

A few of us explored this throughout beta and before, the systems would be really complimentary when used together. We could invent new ways of rewriting what they did as much as we want, but that's not the point. Being gracious for any new changes can see though using both systems as the experience of exploration progresses in a fresh system.

They can be complimentary.

The rewards obsessed design of the new system and the few stalwarts who claim it can't be done is the only thing getting in the way. I think its a moot point anyway because anything to do with fss is meangless / too easy compared to the old system. Think it though and make a list and compare before you argue.
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