Newcomer / Intro Where to find Chemical Manipulators

Couldn't agree more. As much as I am trying not to be a "baddie" and attack supply ships in famine systems (children are starving and dying, damn you!), I have tried to do the Dav's Hope "Loop of Despair" and it is really immersion-breaking, not to say essentially cheating, to re-log and hope for RNG to drop you your exact needed material.

I am sitting in my SRV at Dav's hope as I'm writing this and contemplating what should I do then...?
Note the acceptable/enjoyable activities that give high ranked manufactured materials and do more of those, remember since the material traders opened for business if you have enough items you can trade for the ones you haven’t got.

Another thought is instead of driving round Dav’s Hope in loop after loop go round once then fly to the Bug Killer Anaconda crash site and the associated wrecked SRV collect everything from both of those. After that you could tour other crash sites and abandoned settlements before heading back to Dav’s Hope.

Remember there are no prizes for doing engineering as fast as possible so do things at a speed you find fun.
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