Guide / Tutorial Where to find Meta Alloys

There are many places to get Meta Alloys (MA) in the game - but these can change over time - beware of old guides as they may be out-of date!


Buy them

You Need: Cargo space
How many MA? 1 every 10 minutes

Darnielle's Progress in Maia has 1T of MA - so you can just buy them - one every 10 minutes as the market refreshes - as long as you have Horizons. There are system states (such as Infrastructure Failure) that can stop the supply for days at a time.


You need: Detail Surface Scanner, SRV, Cargo space
How many MA? 4-5 per relog.

There are hundreds of Barnacles that create MA. The problem with Barnacles is that a lot are cyclic - so they only create MA for some of the time. Also many around the Pleiades have been set to not create MA for story purposes. There is a list at - check the 'Allripe' ones, preferably not in the Pleiades area. Shoot the Organic Structure spikes which drop Mineable Fragments (which resolve to MA when you pick them up).

Thargoid Structures

You need: Detail Surface Scanner, SRV, Cargo space
How many MA? 2 per relog.

There are a couple of hundred of these around the Pleiades (see ). A popular site is Delphi 5 a. Find the site by scanning the planet with a Detail Surface Scanner (it shows as an Unknown Structure Scan). Land in the centre of the site. These sites have the Organic Structure spikes - but only 2 normally with MA. Also watch out as when you relog if you are in the SRV you may be placed back outside the 'dangerous area' (i.e.the structure), so it is best to relog in your ship.

Non Human Signal Sources

You need: Cargo space
How many MA? Up to 1

Non Human Signal Sources are found in space in systems within about 150 Ly of Merope in the Pleiades and also in the Witch Head nebula. Threat Level 5 or more can spawn MA as cargo floating in space - so you can scoop them up if you are fast. Thargoids also like MA, so be quick. MA are quite rare, but if you are already in Non Human Signal Sources it is worth watch out for them.
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Infrastructure Failure has cleared at Darnielle's - looks like the supply built up while no-one could take them :D


Edit: Back down to 2 now - short gold-rush ;)
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