Who can buy a fleet carrier when they come out?

Yep got 7 bill on primary account but waiting till video to see if my second and third Console accounts will need to get one...
Then I can dasy chain and offer Multi 500Ly taxi jump services to those who want to go some were with out even playing the game for the next day...
( Just park up and the next day Ill jump the PFC ship 500Lys for them.. and they did not have to do any thing to get there... as the PFC will have jumped them there with out them even loading the game.. they can play other titles and not touch ED but two days later there ship is moved..)
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I'm not too crazy about these things but I'll surely get one for now just to check it out. 5 billions is not that much of a cash on the galactic scale. Only 5 outfitted Cutters. 😁
I'll buy one, sure. But I'll need to do some mining, likely, to afford the upgrades since I 'just' have 5.5B credits in the bank at the moment.
It's only a bit more than my accounts net worth. But a lot of that is actually invested in ships and equipment. Yet if I wanted to, I could make the missing money in limited time. I just don't see what the carrier would do for me to justify that effort. So merely the cost of buying the ship would be "meh", but I might go for it.

The deal-breaker for me is the part of maintenance cost. (Check out this article. It has the passage "but they will also need to plan and balance their finances to cover running costs, as persistent debt that eventually exceeds the debt threshold could see carriers decommissioned and sold for parts." ) In my eyes that's kind of FDs message on how they want to fight Corona: by making sure that we never leave our computer for too long. We don't know the details yet, but RL-time based maintenance cost are a surefire way to keep part of the community busy, while making absolutely sure that those who took a break won't ever return.

I've seen that happen in other games. A good example was a MUD I played in old times, which had running costs on ships. You could put provisions on the ships for about 6 weeks. So after every semester break people returned, found that their ships were gone. And don't even think of people who had accident and were in hospital for a while. One of my friends lost everything there after a skiing accident. The usual reaction was to migrate to another game.

So yay! We really have to congratulate FD for this "awesome idea". Whenever something has proven to be absolutely terrible for a games community, you can bet that FD will find a way to put it into their game. But hey, what should I say? It's their game they once again are intentionally hurting. :rolleyes:

Mind you, this is based on the article I linked to. But as the rest of the article and the 5 billion statement all match up to what we were given here on the forum, I believe that the statement of maintenance cost might also be true.
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With the price of fleet carriers now made clear at 5 billion, how many of you will be able to purchase one in june? If you can, what are you using it for?
I might be able to, if I sell some of the ships and modules I have, but I'm not sure I would. It's a bit too steep price for me, unless it adds some interesting game play.
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