Who can buy a fleet carrier when they come out?

I'd need to farm about 12.5 times my net worth. It'd take about 6250 hours given my progression rate, but I hear credits became easier to get by. So maybe just a - dunno - a quarter of that? Or 10% if they really buffed earnings. That's 625 hours and I have the idea I'm not going to bother.
I think somebody`s been watching Lord of the Rings too much and managed to get some of the hobbits finest weed of the shire.

Or they just lost the plot...

As usual, answers on the back of a postcard and send it to

Lost the plot, No rank needed
po-box 14

Please wait 14yrs for a no reply. :rolleyes:
What? 5billion? I don't even have 1 billion in assets. I play the game for fun not grind. Of course I can still do that. :) And I will - once I return from skyrim VR...Might be a while.

Having said that, it is easier to get credits now, but 5bil seems way too much. I suppose I'll have to watch one of those GET 500 MIL AN HOUR youtube videos.

But...I think I'll not bother. It does seem to be aimed at a certain type of player, so good luck to them and I'll pop in occasionally and maybe help out with a squadron upkeep of their carrier or whatever is needed and then go back to doing what I want. Looks exciting for certain players (until they get bored), but probably not for me. <shrug>

It's still cool that dev are adding new content for free.
I currently have 6.3b so it will put me back to 1.3b for upgrades and fuel. I predict many more trips to Sothis for Cargo Missions.
That's around-about my credit balance. About 3 months ago I only had slightly over 300Million but decided to try mining to have a snowball's chance to get a FC when it comes out.

By the way, will the Beta for the FC update be like the others where I can join Beta and do what I want (buy, sell, etc.) ... and it stay in Vegas ... oops I mean Beta ?

The Beta's when new ships are introduced are the best time to test drive. I'd like to test drive a FC before I buy one in Real World.

GL HF ... I think I'll do some more mining now
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I joined a few days before the game launched, in december 2014. I am triple elite and I don't have even half of it. So this is going to be a largely irrelevant thing again for me, but I hope others enjoy it. Life is short (as these times surely reminded everyone), so I won't grind for anything. If FD would add very lucrative sources of income that are based on skill and exciting gameplay I'm game, if the only way to get here is via grinding mining and exploits I'd rather continue playing other games.
Don't waste your lives trying to save for a juicy impressive Fleet Carrier of economic independent perpetual wealth.

It is just an option for those who are bored with money.
That may be so but personally I'll reserve judgement until we learn more details and I get to try one in the upcoming beta.
I could, but only if I sell a lot of my ships (which are engineered, so I would make a loss so I won't).

Based on cash only I'm 2.7 billion short :LOL:
Up until this point I've always defended FD against the 'grind accusation': you can take part in pretty much all gameplay aspects without grinding, and you can get a huge amount of benefits from Engineers without grinding (barring some unlock conditions, which are grindy but don't take that long). The only true mandatory grinding were some of those 'relog community goals' which were stupid but could be easily ignored. This is the first time where a major addition (arguably the most anticipated addition for well over a year) is solidly locked behind a grind wall. You can hit pretty much all achievements, become elite in everything, unlock everything, and still not be anywhere close. The grind void between 'having done everything' and 'buying a carrier' is just obnoxious. And in that void there is absolutely nothing else; no new ships or anything that could serve as intermediate goals.

I am not bringing out the pitch forks just yet, but I am curious to see what alternatives FD have in mind to acquire this kind of coin. If the answer is 'nothing', it would simply add an additional unlock requirement to my credit card, further reduce my interest in the game and lower my expectations when it comes to the gameplay the Next Era dlc might bring.
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