Why All The Hype Over Anacondas? They're About As Maneuverable As A Turd IMHO.

Been playing this game for a little over 4 months and I am about to give up on it. Working and saving. Grind. Repeat. Grind. Doing mostly cargo runs and the occasional salvage job. Tried passenger runs but that soon turned out to suck. Too many "demanding" passengers expecting me to go other places after I am already on my final jump to destination. Then bailing on me without paying or cancelling the contract. So no more of those jobs.

Anyway, I am now finally able to afford an Anaconda so I buy one and deck it out nicely. A-rated are the FSD and Power Distributor and everything else is much upgraded from stock. Yet I am unable to evade interdiction no matter how slow or fast I'm going or how laden or unladen I am because this brick just will not turn fast enough to keep aligned with the escape vector. I've been destroyed twice now by interdictors that fly around me like I'm standing still because I can't get them in my sights. And on the infinitesimally rare chance I finally do get a bead on one, even my massive weapons (everything gimballed) seemingly have zero effect. Even my frag cannons and torpedoes do nothing. My shields may as well not even be there because they're always gone after only a couple volleys of enemy fire. Every time. I'm dead within 10-15 seconds. Boom game over.

Now I'll admit I'm no combat veteran but I have been playing this game more than long enough to know how to FLY and fly well. I've owned almost a dozen different types of ships so far and have successfully evaded EVERY previous interdiction. But a couple more interdictions and destroyed Condas and I'm going to be broke and then I'm going to say f**k this game. When you can't beat NPCs in what's bragged on as one of the baddest- ships in the game and you've made it even way more bad- than stock, then what is the point of even playing?
Just because its a large ship, doesnt mean its the best ship.

Had an anaconda for a week. It was horrible. I got rid of it and went back to my clipper till i bought my Vette.

Find another ship that you like. Experiment with other ships and builds till you find something that clicks for you.

Oh when doing passenger missions, bucky ball it. Dont wait around, dont go to the alt destinations, dont waste time. Just hurry. The faster you get them done the better, less chance of the passenger bailing on you.
The Conda is a very flexible ship, it can be outfitted for lots of roles & if I could have only one ship in the game to do every task for me it'd be difficult to choose between the Python and the Conda.

There are lots more ships in the game however, if you don't like the Conda there are plenty of others that can do specific roles as well or better.

I have two Conda hulls, one is a high jump range explorer, the other is stuffed with economy seats for rescuing refugees from burning stations. For all other tasks I use other ships more suited to the task.
Back in the day, the Anaconda was the de facto big ship. The Python was also in a way. Type 9 was a stop gap to the Anaconda for a lot of people.

Now I do not think there is much hype for the Anaconda. It is old. It is an important ship but I would not consider it as a strong combat ship when compared to the likes of the Corvette or Cutter.

In fact, I used to use the Anaconda for combat, but when the Fer De Lance and Vulture came out, I bailed out on it in favor of the FDL.
Sounds like you've been letting the game play you instead of playing the game.

You rushed toward an Anaconda and have been flying it because....everyone said it's great. Guess what, not everyone says that, some people don't like it. I have about 2.5 billion in assets and don't own one and perhaps never will. In a thread I started asking about the "big ships" before I owned any of the big three quite a few people expressed a preference for small and medium ships over any of them.

Ultimately, like with any ship in the game, personal preference is a factor. Instead of following what you think is the right route to playing the game and which ships are the best ships do what you actually want to do and fly what you actually want to fly.

Once you wrap your head around the fact that this game is just a sandbox game and stop trying to be optimal and efficient at everything, you'll enjoy it more. If you can't manage that, it might not be the game for you.

BTW, I assume the Anaconda, like any of the big ships, would handle better if you fitted A thrusters on it. You didn't mention those as one of the modules you A-rated. Additionally, you mentioned little about your build...total mass also effects maneuvaribility too.
Also, you didn't mention whether you ever turn flight assist off, I've found it helps a ton with the Cutter (which also handles like an oxen for turning) and I imagine the same is true with the Anaconda. Even if you're not great with FA off, you can toggle it off for turns and then back on once the turn is complete. FA off does not need to be a complete lifestyle choice, it can be just a series of short dalliances.

If you really, really want one of the big three specifically for combat, you should have gone with the Vette. The strength of the Anaconda is in its multi-role functionality, not because it is the best for fighting in.

As far as passenger missions go, even when they change desired destination you CAN still drop them off at the original one and complete the mission. I gather you didn't bother to even check that? Like someone else already said, passenger missions work best if you just get to their destination quickly and ignore all of their time-consuming requests. Doing that, they don't have the time to get unhappy so you always get paid.
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So, I guess your mileage will vary...

I worked up from a Cobra MK III to an Asp Scout, then the Asp X, and then jumped into the Anaconda. I love this ship. It is big as a barge and turns like a Maersk container ship. I don't fly with autodock and every mail slot is a window of needing to pay extra attention not to leave much paint on the station. Even more exciting is going 250 kpm, silent, trying to smuggle goods in.

Look, the Anaconda isn't for everyone. It is a big ship, like barely fits in a football stadium big. Avoiding PvE interdiction isn't too tough; you need to figure out what combination of inputs nets the greatest rate of pitch or yaw. I use a HOTAS and have found that rudder + aileron (roll) input yields better deflection than just trying to translate on a single axis. However, its an Anaconda. Properly outfitted, there are not many interdictions you can't come out on top of. Once you start engineering this beast, the number of hardpoints and internal/utility slots gives this ship a tremendous amount of flexibility. You want to mine with tons of jump range and cargo space? You'll be hard pressed to find another ship that does it better. You want a shield/hull tank bristling with weapons? Gotcha fam. Straight up trading, or passenger, or exploration? No sweat.

The Anaconda is the JOAT of ED. It can also specialize and do things no other ship in the game can do. I'd offer that in combat and exploration, especially exploration, the Anaconda has few peers. If you push this vessel to its absolute limits, a base 80ly jump range is doable. I don't think there's another ship in the fleet that can do the same or better.
Sir you might have it too early not equiped well enough. Forget about anything else than A rated completly.

Its easy to hit whale. I would also say that unless you stack up some shield boosters and hull reinforcement its easy to kill ship. Whale its normaly but in SC its pregnant whale. Just A rated with not enough defense will loose shields quickly as you eat every hit, chaff wont help. If shield is too weak help it with shield battery. Spam it.

When it gets right attention of engineers its very good ship. You need proper shield and slap some metal on it too. If you loosing Interdictoins throttle down and submit. If your Conda is so weak that you are not able to get away after submiting put her in dock and make some more credits to improve it.

Im no expert, a lot of answers here implying that you are not good enough pilot but I think that you got Conda but forgot to buy her some dress. Treat your Conda well and it will serve you like no other.

Big ship needs big guns, shield and armor. Dont bring knife to a gunfight. And big thrusters.
Sry mate, but A rating distributors and not thrusters simply gives you away. The Conda is a super flexible ship...but you have to know what you are doing. And it's really fun once you start engineering it.

I have several Condas in various accounts, among them explorers which went around the galaxy and battle traders which just love interdictions...time to collect some bounties on top 😎

My suggestion would be to get a lot more experience...start with engineering...ok and PLEASE don't engineer your E rated modules 🤣🤣
I do own an Anaconda, but it gets flown about once a year for a bit of laser mining (you don't need to be able to turn quickly if your target can't move) and having spent a relaxing hour or two enjoying the scenery in a ring, I then remember why I only do this once a year as I take it back to dock and notice that it takes a week to turn it around in supercruise.

If you want something that moves quick, turns fast, and doesn't bankrupt you if you lose it, an enhanced drives Viper III or Courier is excellent, the Cobra III is pretty good if you want a multirole, and the Krait Phantom does the same sort of thing but big enough to do a bit more trade and trade missions in. Leave the Anaconda for people whose idea of a fun time is flying slowly in a straight line.
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