Why All The Hype Over Anacondas? They're About As Maneuverable As A Turd IMHO.

Never had FDS but Cutter feels like overweight hippo sliding on wet ice. Boost and tur and you're guaranteed you will overshoot as much as you have turned.
The Cutter requires some experience. Flying it around stations teaches you how much drift you have under different speeds and loadouts. I like to boost as soon as I drop from SC, then go FA off and flip her around. Then engage FA just at the right time so she settles out near the intersecting invisible line down the middle of the slot. That takes practice (and try not to hit any authority ships in the process). It's fun though. Just not a lot of fun to fly in combat, for me.
It's a useful ship for core mining. Lots of space, and it can survive pirates. Not fun for fighting smaller ships for sure, unless you properly outfit some of the hardpoints with turrets.

Other than that, I prefer the Python actually. I have a Conda and a Python, both outfitted for Core Mining + Combat defense.
All A-rated stuff. Seismic launchers and Abrasion blasters on the smallest possible hardpoints, and Huge/Large burst lasers and frag cannons on the other hardpoints.
Throw in Military bulkheads and you have tanks that can take on multiple NPC pirates.

But I find myself flying the Python more, just because it handles better in combat and when flying in between broken asteroids with the abrasion blaster.
But I find myself flying the Python more, just because it handles better in combat and when flying in between broken asteroids with the abrasion blaster.
Core mining in a 'conda takes patience, shields, and more patience. I started vopal hunting in an Asp X but got the bulk of my cash using the 'conda. There was a substantial adjustment period when I went in the nooks and crannies (in Lonestar and Barf's Winnebago) looking for the shiny stuff.
Been playing this game for a little over 4 months and I am about to give up on it. Working and saving. Grind. Repeat. Grind. Doing mostly cargo runs and the occasional salvage job. Tried passenger runs but that soon turned out to suck. Too many "demanding" passengers expecting me to go other places after I am already on my final jump to destination. Then bailing on me without paying or cancelling the contract. So no more of those jobs.

Anyway, I am now finally able to afford an Anaconda so I buy one and deck it out nicely. A-rated are the FSD and Power Distributor and everything else is much upgraded from stock. Yet I am unable to evade interdiction no matter how slow or fast I'm going or how laden or unladen I am because this brick just will not turn fast enough to keep aligned with the escape vector. I've been destroyed twice now by interdictors that fly around me like I'm standing still because I can't get them in my sights. And on the infinitesimally rare chance I finally do get a bead on one, even my massive weapons (everything gimballed) seemingly have zero effect. Even my frag cannons and torpedoes do nothing. My shields may as well not even be there because they're always gone after only a couple volleys of enemy fire. Every time. I'm dead within 10-15 seconds. Boom game over.

Now I'll admit I'm no combat veteran but I have been playing this game more than long enough to know how to FLY and fly well. I've owned almost a dozen different types of ships so far and have successfully evaded EVERY previous interdiction. But a couple more interdictions and destroyed Condas and I'm going to be broke and then I'm going to say f**k this game. When you can't beat NPCs in what's bragged on as one of the baddest- ships in the game and you've made it even way more bad- than stock, then what is the point of even playing?
what every you do do not buy a cutter
As others here have said, if you don't vary your activities, and focus on the coolness of your ship and credit balance, you will go down really fast. I have had an experience with all the ships in the big 3 (Anaconda, Federal Corvette, Imperial Cutter), and the Anaconda is my favourite, for the following reasons:
  • No need for faction reputation gains, I prefer a neutral ship which isn't associated with any faction.
  • The jump range is the second largest in the whole game (it's just a quarter of a light year behind the DBX).
  • It looks badass. Some people say it's ugly, I find it beautiful.
  • It can be an excellent, combat, mining or exploration vessel.
  • Its armour is stronger than both the Federal Corvette and Imperial Clipper.
  • It is the only ship in the game which visually displays damage.
So anyway, it's a great multipurpose ship, with some benefits over choosing a Federal Corvette or Imperial Cutter. But again, fly what you love, not what is said to be "cool". It's a game, you play it the way you enjoy to play it. Looking forward to seeing you in the vacuum! ;)
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