Why are the Fed's attacking each other?

I'm in the Kuri Hsing System and I'm watching two Farragut class go at each other. FNV Formidable and the FNV Glory. Captain of one found the other in bed with the Mrs maybe? Or is it a glitch? Lots and lots of pirates about so thinking it's a glitch in the bounty system maybe.

(If anyone is wondering the Formidable is on 74% hull and mostly on fire while the Glory looks like it hasn't even gotten started)
Looks cool AF though 😂 think I've sussed it though tbh. The glory jumped in when there where no more NPC pirates for me to kill so left me alone. Soon as I attacked a new set of pirates it went for me so think it's gone all blackbeard
One of the Feds refused to use the correct cis-gender pronoun another Fed self-identified as and demanded proper pronoun assignment of....it snow balled from there to guns drawn at the O.K. Corral......
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