Why Guardians Are Dumb And Not Cool

Thinking of Thargs as attractive really bugs me. ;) I fond of the Guardians because of their absence.

Plus, I think the Thargs are enslaving planting human brains into the Tharg ships we're killing!
Speaking of silly threads, has a discussion yet been posted on the subject of whether or not Guardians and Thargoids interbred, and if so, what were the parties like?
Let's get Relspi fixed up with her dreamboat first, that's a whole different can of worms.
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You know how Thargoids are still alive, and also really attractive? Guess what: the Guardians are NOT still alive. Which means they probably combat-logged. And that's bad.

Just saying, guardian-lovers.
I believe that I've read somewhere that the Guardians were not destroyed, killed off, etc etc etc. They are still alive and well but in a different realm, state of being, level of consciousness etc.
Their technology outmatched ours. Be afraid. Very afraid.
Going by all the blueprints unlocked so far, human technology seems better. I bet the Guardian FSD will not surpass the human version, when it becomes available. Well the Guardians have been dead for millions of years, if only we could get our hands on some Guardian AI construct tech.
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Tell you what, you're being pedantic. If you want to pretend the borg predate Thatgoids, I'll let you carry on. In fact, I'll add you to my ignore list. Bye.
If I was being a super pedant I'd say the Borg might predate Thargoids, but 1979 rather than 1977. In Star Trek The Motion Picture V'Ger comes from a machine planet, that in some stories floating at the time might have been the origin of the Borg.
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