Why Guardians Are Dumb And Not Cool

Quite the opposite, I happen to know that most of the history of exploration involves humans turning up somewhere, exclaiming "this is mine" and defending themselves when anyone/anything claimed otherwise.

All we have done is to turn up in the Pleiades and claim anything that seems interesting as our own. The Thargoids could have opted for the peaceful option and left us alone with our barnacles and artifacts, but instead they invaded our systems and hunted down our ships.
The Thargoids have been long absent from the Pleiades. This is more like an entire colony being evacuated, and when they come back years later it's being studied by some other people.
Maybe RELSPI is just trolling us all, or maybe he is onto something....

Where am I doing with this and what do I mean? Well before we even invented proper computational machinery, Isaac Asimov suggested "rules of robotics" which would prevent any future intelligent machines from killing us, Meanwhile over in the Synuefe sector, the guardians, masters of technology, gave their AI access to launch all their weapons of mass destruction. And guess what, their AI went skynet and killed them all, thus proving Darwin's theory correct, "survival of the fittest smartest".
Asimov’s 4 Rules of robotics are “nice” but ridiculously hard to implement.

Bomb disposal robot?
“Hey let’s put a gun on that thing”

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