Why Haven't you got a Fleet Carrier?

I've just returned to the game after the long hiatus, this is a new thingy for me.

I have the money to purchase one, but can't see the use. What am I to do with it as a casual player, with long vacation times from the game? It can't earn by itself while I'm away.

And for starters, how the hell am I to make money with one? :)
I haven't bought a fleet carrier yet ... I have not got enough billions yet for one.
( I consider at least 10 billion the minimum to cover the cost, outfitting and a few year's maintenance).
I’ll probably never own one for several reasons.

1. I get bored of the game once I’m rich/fully engineered. I don’t see this as the start of the game like some players rather it always feels like the end.

2. I don’t really own a fleet. My cmdr’s always have a select few ships that they specifically fly and love for role play. Roughly, I’ll have a ship for combat and a ship for trade, exploration just kind of happens.

3. I strongly object to the current mining profits which appears to be FD’s lazy way for their players to reasonably buy and maintain a carrier while the other 95% of the game suffers as a result.

4. Most cmdr’s seem to have a love/hate relationship with their carrier. Doesn’t even look like it’s worth it...
I have the credits twice over and I'm warming to the idea. I'm just a bit put off by the idea that owning a carrier involves lots of shuttling stuff between carrier and station. I fly T9 for a change sometimes, but don't like it for very long.

I'd like FD to add a facility where I could pay a fee to get NPCs to deliver stuff from a nearby station to my carrier, or vice versa. Then I'd be really interested.
I really do not see the use of one except from the cargo storage. I have a rather large fleet but my way of playing is different than the popular one with home station or FC as mobile base. Each of my ships have a purpose/role and with it goes a location (which can change). So my ships are pretty much scattered around human populated space. This enrich my experience rather than being an obstacle.

P. S. I have a lot of CR. In matter of fact I can buy one and forget it for the next few years, but still I am not inclined to the idea of an expensive "ball and chain" which also have a weekly maintenance.
Can't deal with the grind of saving up the credits to buy one. And then what? Spend the rest of my gaming life wondering how i'm going to refuel it? Utter waste of time and effort from my perspective. More important things to be getting on with. Why do you think so many of them are parked up doing diddly squat?
I don't need one, it doesn't fit with my playstyle. Sure, it's useful for certain things, but if I go exploring, I don't want a huge anchor holding me back when I can travel a lot faster to get to the interesting regions.
Pay 5 billion so I may rent a carrier. After that having to scavenge and grind for tritium (I absolutely don't want more grinding in this game), not being able to park the thing because of the carrier cap per system and all I can see are thrilling hangar walls. Yes they got 500 LY jump range but I question openly if that's that much faster on long distances? And I see this game designed aroud having to make due with our small ships. Which I like most about ED.
Only selling points I can think of are: I just want 1, long range exploration expedition with a group of friends and the ability to store cargo. Regarding storage I have Jameson as my homebase now and I can buy/ sell all the normal equipment I need (only having to storage "Daddy's dead's" prisma shields. I also think I saw rumors cargo storage will become an option in Odyssee.
So that's my 2 cents. Never say never but I replied to the lady saying: interested in a carrier? It has a lot of uses? "Are you paying me those 5B to be stuck with that thing?"

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Hi Folks :)

I see a plethora of Fleet Carriers in the game map, I was just wondering how many players don't have one yet, and why.
Just a random thought. 🤷‍♂️

Jack :)
I can't afford it, and as I refuse to do anything which feels stupidly unbalanced WRT the rest of the game I likely won't get one any time soon. Also I sometimes go months without playing which could bancrupt me.
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