Why research limpets fails

After a 0.1% successful retrieve of research limpets on interceptor (broken by the january update or even before) and some investigations, i think to understand why they fail.
In order to success:
  • research limpets have to be in less than 2km from your ship
  • your ship has to be lower than 20% heat (even in silent running!)
  • when the extraction is done, limpet HAS to leave the interceptor BEFORE he turns else the tissue sample just EXPLODES! Yes it EXPLODES :ROFLMAO: but the limpet survive (contrary to collector limpet).
The last point can be observed by looking the side where limpets lands (you know where :p ), and don't ask me why i was looking at it as it was just some regular science :whistle:.

SO as Fdev doesn't want to investigate it (because 3 patches for miners), i did the job for them and all they have to do now is make the tissue sample is IMMORTAL some seconds (2 or 3) and why not even the research limpet in case it dies after this fix as the next fix will come when Odyssey patch 3 will be release.

If you have more info, please share them here and fdev will have NO EXCUSE to not fix this as all the work will have be done by us.



PS: if you think i'm angry you're right as no content has been added since beyond 3.3 (don't care about new players, i'm triple elite and done almost everything in the game) and the last updates was focused on miners only, breaking all the economy of the game and making newbies easily have a FC after 2 intensive days mining at Borann. The only thing that make me remain in the game is the thargoid/guardian stuffs and they are both broken 🤦‍♂️.
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