Will CQC ever be "worth it"? Please add the bloody private mode

Dear FD

Let us a have possibility to duke it out with the people we want instead of random matches. Ty

So, the thing is for a long time, me and wife have been wanting to have a match or few against each other only. But every f-ing time someone joins in. And I can't blame them since they just want to play. But it still feels bad to just ditch the game cause they join in and we want to have a duel.
FD makes their best to make CQC suck by not allowing us anything else than random matches :(
It's difficult enough to balance CQC with largely random match making.

If people could more readily exclude anyone they didn't want to be matched with then there would be gobs of people doing so just to cheese rank.
You plus 7 more "specific" people and you will have a game without random players. It's possible.
Nah cos the game will randomise match ups so you can't guarantee you get to play with the party outside of the +3 you can have in the squad. And you can't organise yourself how teams will be decided even when you have a squad set up.

The issue is if FDev allowed people fully private/password protected or friend only matches it would make even more pronounced the issue of how few people there are playing CQC.
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