Will parks made with the alpha game be lost?


Forgive me if this has been answered before, but couldn't see an answer anywhere.

If I purchase the alpha early bird version of the game and invest lots of time building a park, will it be lost when the game gets a stable release? Or will parks survive through the update cycles ?

Btw, looks amazing! Great work Frontier.

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I would like an answer for this too. I would think you could simply keep the save file and move it into to correct location after the full release but I'm not all that techy either.
Considering so many features are still to be added and tweaked I'd be much more worried about getting a corrupt savefile midway through the alpha. In all honesty I wouldn't value your current works too much as losing progress is simply something which can easily happen during an alpha.
I'm just guessing, but I don't think parks will be wiped, as they are

1) sandboxes so far, with no need for balancing
2) saved locally as far as I know!
I wouldnt worry if it gets lost or not, you only have 12 rides or something now? you can re-create what you have now in a few minutes
When playing an alpha, always expect your saves to become incompatible from one version to the other as the development moves along.

If it does not happen, view this as a bonus. [up]