Will there be mod support?

I'm primarily a console gamer, heck I've barely used my pc since I got it last year, but I've seen what is possible with mods on JPOG, being able to add dinosaurs or other assets is awesome and usually done for free. So with the game only 3 months or so away I was wondering if there is going to be mod support and if not will there be frequent free updates to the game like Fortnite for example?

If not will there be DLC and will it have to be purchased? If there is mod support I'm definitely going to be getting it on PC. If its just DLC I'll be getting it on PS4. Anyway I was wondering what you guys think of this :)
I personally really hope it is mod friendly, and I think it would be a huge mistake if they did stop Mods. They can be the life or death of a game, and something like JWE is just asking for a ton of new dinos that the creators didn't have the resources to add in. Look at ARK, Mods, have made that game and even been incorporated in by the Devs now.
I hope there will be mods as well. Planet Coaster has a workshop on Steam. I don't see why this game wouldn't have that.

If there is DLC then yeah you will probably have to purchase it. Though Frontier did do some free DLC for Planet Coaster, at least I think they did.
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