Will we ever have thargoid-human tech?

So we've got guardian-human hybrid tech, sure. I mean it's not exactly hard to poke around some ruins for data and scraps (I know that sentinals are a pain in the a**e, but that's beside the point). Thargoids and Humans are not really amicable per se, but their surface sites put a hell of a lot less of a fight. So why can't we poke around those some more and get more data? And also, thargoid ships drop materials like engine and weapon parts. Why can't we just hand them to Palin and Aegis and tell them get off their butts and reverse-engineer this into hybrid tech? I don't know about everyone else, but I would really like to have some thargoid FSD tech, as well as a lightning gun and a thargon swarm of my very own.

I would welcome opinions and ideas, please post below:
I know it's not completely what you're looking for, but we've atleast the fixed medium sized Enzyme Missile Rack. To unlock it you've to go to a human tech broker with:
16x Thargoid Energy Cell
18x Thargoid Organic Circuitry
16x Molybdenum
15x Tungsten
6x Radiation Baffle
One could argue that the Corrosive resistant cargo racks are Thargoid Human Tech being made of Meta Alloys
As too the Meta Alloy HRP which could be improved.

Palin (or some other interstellar initiative) definitely could be looking at more ways to use Thargoid materials indeed
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