Will we get placeable feeding plants?

Seeing the new paleobotany building, I've been wondering if whether or not it just unlocks new things for the herbivore feeders (boring) OR if it also unlocks new peaceable plants that can provide food and happiness to dinosaurs. I sincerely hope it's the latter because I think feeders are an eyesore in safari themed exhibits.
As far as is known it's only for feeders, though if there were place-able plants I wouldn't hold up hope for them being edible.
Yeah while it isn't confirmed, I wouldn't hold my breath for eatable placeable plants. I'm guessing it's just the new feeders, as well as the unrelated new trees and shrubs we're getting in the free update ofc.
I dont mind if the plants are edible but it would be really cool if we could place prehistoric plants as decor. I was under the impression that is the case for two reasons:

1. the screenshot of the new green house has what appears to be a tree fern placed outside and it is also shown on the menu for plants made by the greenhouse
2. the menu screenshot showing the available foods has a log for some reason so i dont see why that would not be a decor item
Something I'd like to see is being able to make areas of the enclosures that have feeding plants growing wild. The same way you place the shrubs and trees, you make an area where the plants you unlocked in the Greenhouse will grow, and all the grazing and brush-browsing herbivores can eat there. For the sauropods you can place some prehistoric trees that provide them food, either separate from or inside the grazing area.
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