Will you use the new Zende ferry service?

While I feel some of the aspects of the Bridging the Gap Interstellar Initiative is interesting, I think the usefulness of ferry service is questionable. If two ferries made a round trip a couple times a day instead of taking a week, I might be more temped to use them. As it stands, I'll probably only use the service in one direction just before the jump then fly back the other direction by myself.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel you will use the ferry service?

1) My not against the ferry idea and, in fact, proposed the idea over two years ago for longer trips like Colonia.
2) Sorry if someone has recently posted a thread just like this. I searched and didn't see it.
I am docked on the return ship now to do the first run, and fully intend to do the outbound leg next week to get a fighter out to try a combat zone CG.

Fortunately it shouldn't take a week just however long the servers are down as I am sure someone has pointed out by now.
I'm having my Corvette shipped to zende as we speak cause I'm too tight to pay transfer fees.
I'll get my DBX shipped when I get there.
There's a station in the pencil sector that's not too much of a shlep.
No, and I'm just glad it has a limited range and doesn't take you straight to Sag A, Beagle Point, and back (the journey there is half the fun). It's just a tad disappointing that A) the vote took place on the forum and not in-game and B) that it still doesn't give new-to-Guardian-crap players the slightest clue what to do when they actually get to Guardian space.
I'd have a Colonia ferry cause I don't enjoy jump honk jump. It'd mean I could make a plan to get my mining T10 back from Colonia froom when I went out there in a fit of space madness.
I am using it only for my alt account, it have 2 hours on the clock. For my main if I take that over no, it's too close for my main account

It does seem a bit pointless when site so close. If the guardian sites where the ones just over half way to colonia then it would be different story and useful
unlikely. I have a 55+ LY utility Asp for these sorts of trips
Yeah, I've got a Dolphin I used the last time I went out there, this time I brought my new Krait MKII just to do the trade and CZ CGs (and it's got enough jump range the ferry isn't even a factor for me)
People need to start to understand that some ships have a very short jump range even fully modded and with Guardian FSD booster (e.g. Gunship, Crusader, Dropship, FDL etc.). Not everyone wants to play with an ugly Krait, Conda or Asp.

Of course you can get there with over 60ly jumps but please don't complain when you explode in open in 5 seconds...
I think maybe the idea is for new players after having graduated from the beginner zones to get their Guardian Goodies quicker, reasons why one can speculate.

Personally.. 700ly .. wait for the bus or walk the 10 or 20 minutes. If it's only once a week I'd rather walk.
Just logged in (Xbox) after docking there last night in Zende, and it’s still in Zende. But the Starport Services Option on my HUD is red and unclickable!!??
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