Will you use the new Zende ferry service?

I will use the ferry. In my designated pirate ship I would have to jump paininflicting 42 jumps from the bubble to Synuefe something.

I don't mind parking my ship at the ferry and continue playing when it has arrived until I am bored, I will park it again and continue playing when it has jumped.

No way I will force myself to travel anything more then 20 jumps in this game anymore. Travelling long distances like this is the most annoying thing in this game for me (when not in the rare mood of actively and aimlessly exploring) and I am glad for every opportunity that spares me the terrible task of watching a coninuesly interrupted loading screen for prolonged time.

If the ferry goes onece a week fine. It's better than nothing at all. If it would go on a daily schedule even better. But hell. At least there is a shortcut.

Ferry Yay!
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o7, CMDRs! How to use the Zende Ferry ?
Just dock your ship at the Megaship called Conduit. There is one in Zende and one in the Guradian system.

The ferry will take off once a week. If you're ship happens to be docked, it will be transported with the ferry on the scheduled date - currently each Thursday. If you missed it, you'll have to wait for the next week... Yes. That's true.
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