General / Off-Topic Windows 10 Headaches: Tech Heads lend me your brains please

Background: Back in October I did a series of hardware upgrades to combat my very hot and angry CPU. These included new liquid cooling system, additional case fans and switching from thermal paste to liquid metal. Worked like a charm and my cpu temps have never been so low. While doing that I decided to finally migrate to windows 10 on a new SSD with a fresh install. Work fine for the first week maybe and then a lot of different issues started happening.

The problems:
1. First I used my old wireless usb stick for internet, USB port/drivers would crash randomly, losing internet and I would have to unplug the stick and re-insert. This would happen randomly, sometimes no issues for hours and then non-stop issues.

2. Use drivers across the board would completely crash causing my mouse, keyboard and anything else to shut off and reboot after 30 seconds. This seems to happen randomly like in the first issue.

3. Display Drivers/card crashing so hard that it reboots my computer

The problem solving and failures:
1. The Netgear wireless usb is old and I have read about issues with this particular model and win 10 not getting along. Despite downloading driver compatibility for windows 10. Probably time to get a new one.

2. My Mouse and keyboard are both Razer brand devices. While I like the hardware I hate....hate hate hate Razer Synapse the software that runs it. Nothing but issues with it and in win 7 as well. The mouse and keyboard are about 5-6 old and not compatible with Razer Synapse 3 but are with Synapse 2. Both are terrible buggy software and the developers should be put into the basket and beaten silly.

3. The Graphics card is a Radeon 580X 8GB. Never had an issue and did not have an issue until a few weeks ago. I cannot seems to get a baseline for the crashes. Before I thought it was tied to a specific game and maybe was a issue with that game in particular. I have tried rolling back the drivers, clean uninstall and installing the latest drivers nothing work. Now AMD Catalyst crashes sitting at my desktop with nothing running.

Some other ideas was that the power supply was old/failing and heavy pull of power was causing BSOD. I thought that was the case for booting up heavy graphics games because the computer would be pulling much more power and not having it. Now the card/drivers crash in idle sitting at my desktop doing nothing. Unless my hardware decided to start failing at the same time I installed windows 10 I am inclined to believe that this is a software issue. Bios is up to date afaik and I am just a loss if this is a single issues or multiple smaller issues causing a bigger issues.

Thoughts? Prayers? Hopes? and suggestions are welcome.

Personal Rant: Dear God I hate windows 10 and everything it represents. The lack of owner/user agency, the "app" store, cortana spyware, mircosoft edge, product adds, information collection and gathering. The fact I have to registry edit to turn off windows automatic updates.
Power supply issues can cause all the problems you mention (dirty power can cause problems even at idle), but this is very difficult to diagnose without expensive diagnostic equipment, or swapping PSUs to see if that resolves your issues. Measuring the various output voltages with a digital multimeter may give you some hint as to whether or not there are glaring problems...+5v in particular can cause problems with USB devices if it's out of spec. More subtle problems won't show up on a multimeter though.

Anyway, I would see if there are new/different USB drivers for your motherboard, and update them if necessary. There may also be relevant USB options in the board's BIOS setup...disabling EHCI/XHCI handoff and forcing USB 3.0 support to enabled could potentially help.

I would also go into device manager and find the list of USB controllers. Open every device that has a "hub" anywhere in it's name, go to the "power management" tab, and uncheck "allow the system to turn off this device to save power". Inappropriate use of, or inability to wake up from, low power states is a frequent issue with USB controllers and devices.

Regarding your video card, I would completely remove the current drivers via add/remove software and then use of DDU from safe mode. The reinstall the newest catalyst version from scratch.

Checking system memory for errors should also be an obligatory step in diagnosing any stability issues.

Posting your system specs might also be helpful.
You could have one or more memory sticks going bad. It could also be one of your memory slots on your MB is going bad.

Test all your memory sticks one at a time. Test all your memory slots one at a time.
Update: Something important got damaged or deleted while removing/cleaning drivers. OS unable to start, fix or repair itself. Unable to repair it manually with software.

Long story short: Completely installed win 10 again. Manage to save some of the old data. USB ports still causing some issues bit not nearly as bad. The wireless stick works fine when I install the drivers for it but craps outs after restarting the computer. Graphic drivers issues gone, I installed older drivers and gamed last night with no issues.

Soo....partial success? Problems start again I will be confident that it is hardware.
Thanks again!
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