Hello, I'm currently working on my new project and I'm blocking on a particular item. The question has already been asked several times but I can't find any really clear answers. My question is simple, how to make window panes? my question is about materials. What would really help me is a concrete and precise example.

Let's assume that I have a work architecture:

* Windows.fbx
* Material_BC
* Material_AO
* Material_MT
* Material_NM
* Material_RN

How do I make my window 50% transparent ?

Thank you in advance for your help and sorry for my approximate English.
I believe it is the alpha clip (Material_OP) (I guess OP means opacity?)

and setting the transparency is in grayscale if I remember correctly white means totally opaque while black means transparent so if you have it in a grey area you can get the desired effect of a glass pane.

I have not tried it myself though.
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Just ask guys. It's quite simple, you have to use a texture with the suffix "_AL". After that it is the same principle as with other textures, white = 0, black = 100.
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