Wing Formation Module

Here is an idea.....I think it would be cool if you could have pre-set wing formations, here is how the mechanism could work

There could be a Wing Formation Module which would work on synchronising position of ships in the wing based on some predetermined layout
1. Wing formation shapes could be spear, star, sphere etc.
2. Once the formation was selected each wing member could have the freedom to pre-set the orientation of their ship in the wing formation ie front facing, rear facing, upright or upside down (relative to the formation plane)
3. Wing members would have freedom to pick which ships could be part of formation and those which would fly freely
4. Once a formation is established there would be one "pilot" who would manoeuvre their ship (you could change the pilot at any time), the wing formation module would synch the other ships to follow the same direction, pitch etc
5. The speed of the movement would render to the slowest craft in the formation
6. The rest of the ships could then focus on using their gun's (turreted etc), "Wing Formation Autopilot" would worry about the movement

- I think this would make wings even more formidable in combat zones, and add interesting challenges to combat game play
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