Wing material trading/sharing idea.

While searching for proto heat radiators for several hours with a friend, we first thought about how it would be nice if we could trade materials with each other, but figured that would most likely never happen, we thought of a wing sharing materials system.

It could be opt-in, but the basics would be that if you are in a wing, any materials you or your wing members collect would be shared as long as you're in the same instance with the drawback that you would only get one material each instead of three.

A wing of two would loose one "unit" of the material, a wing of three would have no loss and a wing of four would get one extra. (I don't know where it comes from but two extras already exist, so what harm is a third?)

P.S. Why doesn't the wing beacon default to on? What possible scenario exists that you would want to wing up with someone and not want to either nav-lock onto them or know where they are in the system?
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