Wing Tiamat "Skyrush" suggestion

Wing Tiamat "Skyrush" Coaster - Lift Hill Suggestion

(I re-did this post after realizing it was in the wrong part of the forums)
So basically this has to do with the cable lift hill on the "Skyrush" coaster (I've left pictures so you can see what I mean). At the top of the hill, instead of being able to transition with a smooth curve from going up to dropping, the game forces you to go completly flat for a segment first, which causes some very high g-forces with a fast lift hill, and makes it a lot less smooth than it should be. So my suggestion would be to have a segment that enables you to transition from the cable lift hill to the drop smoothly!
Also as a side note the game looks amazing right now and it's hard to believe it's still in alpha! [big grin][big grin]
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