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Hi everyone,

Another quick update for you before the weekend. The servers will be down from 4PM for around 30 minutes, but allow some extra time just in case.

See the change log below:

• Fixed the stellar forge data for Te Kaha
• Moved the 'Stepping Stone Base' out from the gas giant in HIP 8396
• Fixed some issues with head-tracking, causing the camera to clip through cockpits
• Added telemetry to help identify causes of unexpected docking offences

And a server-side update:

• Claiming a bounty or combat bond for a faction should now affect Commanders' reputation
• Reduce faction influence changes from trading activities

Thanks everyone,


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• Reduce faction influence changes from trading activities

Hm, is there any Info as to what exact influence Trading now has vs. i.e. Bulletin missions?

I'd really appreciate some hard data on what is needed to achieve for example a 1% Influence boost (assuming no other Players influencing at the same time).
That is for Trading, Bulletin Missions and turning in Exploration Data.
will this also fix the not getting kill credits in bounty hunter missions I.E. going after wanted bounty hunters/traders doesn't register as a kill in the mission?
Can I ask how you decide when to do an update? This particular batch of changes doesn't, on the face of it, appear to warrant it (although I'm sure the people who are affected by these particular issues, you know, those who are unable to play because of the erroneous Te Kaha stellar forge data, will disagree). Sorry, love you guys really but I am genuinely curious, especially in this case.
What was the rationale from reducing faction influence from trading? Was it a mild adjustment of a major one?
Thanks for continuing to make the game better!!
A short question:

In a minor update released before the end of the week we’ll reduce the price of non-trade ships and abolish the way fuel costs are scaled by ship type. What’s more, some of the smaller ships, like the Sidewinder will gain a powerful new advantage as their reduced profile makes them more effective for smuggling.

Are the changes for smuggling included in this patch?
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