Track Rides [WIP] Around The World -- Dark ride

Hi everyone!
I'm working on a compact dark ride called "Around The World", narrated by the world-famous natural historian Sir Dr. Redbug.
Here are some shots and a teaser to get this topic started..

You're a great storyteller. Love every picture of your story. I'm curious to see the finished ride.

Maybe a funny thing: The triangle icebergs on the last picture reminds me to the inlay cover of an old ABBA Vinyl album "Greatest Hits Vol.2" from 1979 (Oh man, I'm damn old)
Spanky! Long time, no see my old SGW friend (my name there used to be Amsterdam87. Moved cities ;-)) Thank you very much! I hope to wrap things up this very weekend.
Although Dr. Redbug has travelled from the farthest east to the wildest west, there's nothing like slowly descending above his cozy home town.

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