Parks [WIP] Euphoria (Park)

Hey guys. This is my first post on the Planet Coaster Forums. I'm showcasing my work on my latest park developed with Alpha 2. I'm enjoying everything about this game so far and look forward to building more. Let me know what you think of the park.

This is the first view guests have when they enter the park. I wanted to build sort of a grand entryway and tease the guests with a view of the American Corkscrew.

The Arrow coaster is meant to be the iconic coaster of the park with a classic out-and-back design and a bold Navy Blue color scheme.

On the Right side off of the main path, guests can ride on the world famous Drop Zone ride or take a plunge on the B&M Inverted Coaster, Phoenix. My favorite part of Phoenix is the Batwing feature which is right beside the Queue line for guests to look at.

Turning Left off of the entryway, we enter the Jungle/Pirate area of the park. I used a lot of stucco buildings for this area and every building has a unique, individual layout. I was sure to include employee entrances for all buildings as well :). The Jungle area features several Flat Rides and 1 Coaster.

Guests have their first peak at Jungle Fever, a B&M Dive coaster that guests can literally dive off a cliff with a waterfall feature! It features 2 vertical drops, an Immelman and a Corkscrew to finish off the coaster.

Leaving the Jungle/Pirate area, guests venture towards the back of the park and can experience Colossus, a B&M Stand-Up Coaster. I had trouble thinking of a name for this beast; however, the Cobra Roll right in front of the Radius ride gives off a great vibe along with two very large custom Corkscrew elements. Colossus originally did not feature a loop, but I put the loop right above the queue line as a teaser for guests looking to quench their thirst for pure thrill.

The park is definitely far from over, and I am excited to post more about updates to Euphoria. I have also made POV videos for Phoenix, Jungle Fever, and Colossus. The American Corkscrew POV will come shortly, as I have not finished the scenery for the area yet. Stay tuned for more.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think. I appreciate all the comments and suggestions. -- Jungle Fever POV -- Phoenix POV -- Colossus POV
Edit: On some of the rides the custom inversions are going to be kind of jagged. Trust that I've tried to Smooth them out the best I could. I wouldn't make an inversion wobbly on purpose!!

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