Roller Coasters [WIP] Mammut coaster from Erlebnispark Tripsdrill


i want to share with you my progress of the Mammut coaster from Erlebnispark Tripsdrill. I tried to recreate it as accurate as possible and put many hours into it. This time i rebuild the queue building and worked on some natural scenery. I also worked on my main building and changed the wooden beams there. I still have the exit buidling left to build, but i can't find good videos or photos of it so i have to try and remember how it's shape was. If you got any good videos or photos that show the offride part of the Mammut coaster please share it with me. Critic and suggestions are desired! If you like it tell me and subscribe to my youtube channel to see more Planet Coaster related stuff :)


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Version Number 9 this time around. I decided to improve the night settings a bit and added some lighting around the coaster. I also polished the main station and started working on the exit building. Problem is i couldn't find any good screenshots or videos of the interior so i leave that unworked for now. I hope you like it, critic and suggestions desired!