Track Rides [WIP]Princess Amelie's Undersea Adventure 🐟🐟🐠

I've started working on "Princess Amelie's Undersea adventure:amelie:" Dark ride. I'm not really that good at dark rides though but I hope it comes out nicely. Special thanks to DeadEyeDuck for the statue and Leafscott for bringing all the "Under the sea" band members to life [up] .This will be located in the fantasy land section of my Disney inspired park. Check out my progress on my >Youtube channel <
See also screenshots below:



Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions[yesnod]
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Princess Amelie's Undersea Adventure looks like a great ride! :)
I recognise elements from Ariel's Undersea Adventure from Disney California Adventure, one of my favourite rides of that park <3
I've finished work on the scene were The Kraken a.k.a (Captain Lockjaw:captlockjaw:) helps Princess Amelie :amelie: defeat the witch.
Here are some screenshots below:
Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions[yesnod]
The video should be up tomorrow or later this week.>>>Youtube<<<<
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