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Hey everyone.

I've started creating a database in Voice Attack. The aim is to be able to ask your ships computer about a specific event/item/faction etc, that you can encounter ingame.
The source of all the information is the Elite Dangerous Wiki. Now, this is a work in progress, as such you'll see commands not entirely finished, a lot of topics are also missing.

As I go along, I also sometimes stumble across easier/smarter ways to do some of the things I want to do, so if you want to import these commands, I would suggest that you keep following this thread for updates. The database is already extensive, but will become 100% bigger, and I may include information outside the wiki, if applicable.

Suggestions and feedback is of course welcome. Also, if the pronunciation sounds odd in places, let me know so I can fix it for future updates.

To get started you say "Aura, open the database" or "Open the database" - You can then say "list" followed by a letter, to have aura inform you of which topics are available, or you can say "tell me about" and then a topic, an example could be "Tell me about aliens" and this will start up information on the Alien topics of the Wiki.

You can of course change the name of the computer to whatever you're using.

Disclaimer; I'm by no means an expert in voice attack, nor do I claim to be, this database is something I decided to make for myself, but wanted to share with people who might have an interest.

Download: Elite Dangerous Voice Attack Database

P.S. I have other commands aswell, such as multiple commands given, and then your computer prompting for a confirm or cancel to the request, before carrying it out or cancelling. Aswell as EDDI plugin commands to help with docking requests etc. If you're interested, let me know.
Also, if you have an idea for a command, but don't have the know-how yourself to do it, you can try asking here, and I'll see if its something I can create.

P.P.S If you know of another Fora to put this post that may be more appropiate, let me know. (The post is on reddit too, Reddit Post)
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As a sidenote: I intend to include all of the wiki, as a minimum. If anyone here knows of other sources to get information about ingame stuff. Let me know, and I will most likely include it too, my aim is to make the database able to substitute having to alt-tab into a wiki. Or to have something else to do while exploring.

The Future:
1. Complete Wiki coverage
2. I'm looking for a plugin that can read RSS feeds, my goal here is to include galnet articles and similar news.
3. To pull out system specific news, im not even sure its possible, but it's something I'd like to include if possible.
4. Include all known Lore about ED
5. Smart Commands, "tell me about my ship", "tell me about my profile", "tell me about where we're docked" etc.
6. Expand functionality using EDDI
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Thanks for your suggestions. I used to use Singularity myself, but because of it being locked as you mentioned, I've gone my own ways, and bought the voice used by (one of them at least) HCS voicepacks, bought the Ivona Amy voicepack. I can highly recommend this, as this enables you to make up your own commands and have it say exactly what you want along with using the EDDI plugin, I get more than enough functionality.

I could also share my own main vap. But I have well over 1000 commands, so I think I need to prune it beforehand. And I'm using a couple of plugins, such as EDDI for improved interaction and EDkeybindings to import keybindings. I would guess these commands needs to be left out too, to make it have less requirements.

And wouldnt you just be able to import the commands ? That's what I've done a couple of times, I didnt have to include the .vap file.
I've taken care to name all variables as db_xxx and database functions as Database - xxxxxx - exactly to avoid (as good as Im able) overrides and conflicts, all of my actual "retrieve information" commands will be called "[tell me about;] [the;a;] ITEM". And you need to state "open database" before any of the commands work.

There's a few commands one or two at present, "elaborate" and "tell me more" I guess, which would have a higher probability of conflicting due to its more common name. These could be changed to whatever would fit the already existing .vap file.
All of my commands uses "execute another command" functions to call queries and replies, again, to make editing easy.
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