Roller Coasters WIPEOUT - The Ride

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Hey there! This is the CoasterScape Daily Leak! Our goal is to give you the latest scoop and leak all the behind-the-scenes stuff we can get our hands on!

Edition 1:

Hello CoasterPlanetoids,
we are currently trying to bring you some indepth info on the Wipeout Ride, as of currently, the Park management has closed off all access to the construction site. So currently it's impossible to get any closer to the ride. What we can say so far, it's huuuuuuge! Work SEEMS to be coming along slowly, but our sources told us they had been working at record speed to finish it within the deadline. Supposedly about 3/4 are finished.

What do we know so far?
-The ride is a Drop Coaster type, large portions of it are, presumably, a type of Darkride.
-Our sources also told us that the track length exceeds 3,5 km (2.2mil.) and that the ride will be around 6-8 minutes long
-The soundtrack is timed in sync with the storyline, and is done by Electronic artist DOUBLESPIN. (We tried to reach him for comments, but no luck so far)
-apparently the ride has such a small footprint compared to its length that construction had to be minutely prepared, as ride portions are stacked on top of each other
-Rumor has it, the ride will feature never-before-seen effects and will complement an atmosphere that blends perfectly with its theme
-the entrance "will be an attraction in itself". We're not sure what it means but we will keep our ears on the door
-the load capacity is among the more effective numbers, according to our sources the ride will operate with 4-5 RVs and will have an approximate hourly capacity of 1900-2300 guests, with a load time of around 40 secs.

This is what we could scoop up so far, but stay tuned for more, we will intensify the information hunt!
checked out the Light Tunnel already? All done pre ride-sequencer era.
Because, that was way more fun.
Anyone remember the tideous trigger work you had to go through whenever you wanted to create any trigger events?
Not simple copy&paste like it is today. Nothing against simple, but remember how challenging it was to even get the simplest of effects done?

Video starts right before the light tunnel appears.
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