Wishlist for animals and exhibits

Dear Frontier

Amazing job with the beta :) This is a short wishlist based on my obsession with animals and zoos, and having visited a number of zoos over the world:
  • Animals: I'd love to see otters, sloths, seals/sea lions and a sneaky unlockable unicorn ;)
  • Exhibits: There's a lot of potential with exhibits that could be incorporated into the game. For example, you could have keepers going into exhibits and performing information sessions on animals and conducting feeding sessions for public viewing (and make a roster of feeding times for guests to visit). You could also have more guest-oriented features, such as 'meet an animal experiences', where guests pay a premium to meet with a moderately friendly animal, and public/private tours of the zoo or 'stamps' that can be collected throughout the zoo to encourage guests to visit as many areas as possible.
  • Aquariums: I'm not sure whether it's planned, but the ability to create an aquarium would be a real bonus.
Thanks for being awesome team, I'm loving the work :)
I'm really hoping to see penguins, which i guess would lead to seals and stuff as well.

Maybe some kangaroos too. Get a bit of Australia in there.
Hadn't even thought of otters, but last time i went to a zoo they absolutely made my day.
Otters are my girlfriend's favorite animal, so they always make our day when we go to the zoo! Haha.

More specifically, I'd really like to see north american river otters, asian small-clawed otters, and giant otters.
I would be happy about:
  • wild horses
  • Mini horses and Goats
  • Texas Longhorn
  • Owls (Strigiformes) - example: Bubo bubo, Bubo scandiacus and Tyto alba
  • Secretarybird (Sagittarius serpentarius)
  • Opossums (Didelphis)
  • Pangolin (Pholidota Manidae)
  • Manatee (Sirenia)
  • Big shrimpfish (Phycodurus eques)
Thank you for the game. It is awesome.
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