Parks Wonderland by maramsp

Hey all,

I found that the time is now to show my current park.

Its based on an old rtc concept created by me called wonderland.
But i did things differently this time.

I took my inspiration from real life attractions and created my version with a twist sometimes, or sometimes that it partially mirrors its real life counterpart.
I dont think i can force myself to exactly recreate an attraction, so i want to say here that everything in the park is made with my own creativity in mind.

But i do like my work, and so im proud to show it off here.

I will post a description beneath ever photo of how i have seen the things.

Here we go with for now 21 pictures:

Phantasialand's rookburg and fly coaster at night

Phantasialand's Rookburgh and fly coaster at day time

Rookburgh and fly entrance seen from the main street

Square in the middle of rookburgh with shops, toilets, first aid, and a beautiful vista at fly

Same story, the central square in rookburgh


This is fly's onride, its based of the version with no theming that ive uploaded almost 2 months ago.

Ive added a pretzel loop, just because i liked it, and also the part from the second launch up untill about 100 meters later might be different then in real life.

For the rest i based myself on pictures that are on the forums, and also someone has drawn a possible layout on a picture from google earth, where i based the rest of the layout on.

Theming is not really steampunk, but i found it very hard to build steampunk like, so in the end this is the result, and im proud of it.

Part of the main street with a vista showing the hotel at the entrance (based on disneyland) where also is the station of the main street trams, and the wonderland railroad express.

Building in the main street with 2 restaurants (family downstairs, live music upstairs) and a building which hosts the first dark ride called the odd things of wonderland.


The darkride itself. I must admit that i randomly placed some animatronics at first, but i liked the result in the end.

Part of the mainstreet at night

Wonderland food hall entrance

Inside wonderland food hall

Right how should i call this, i wanted a square with some vegetation and this is the result.

And the same at night time

Central square Wilderness area

And my layout of walibi holland's untamed.


And the onride again. Some things are correct (like the height, angle of first drop, first micro bunny hill, 4 out of 5 inversions, (but the first 2 might be a bit differently bended tho) but some things are or might be not, like the bunnyhops, banking of the track, etc etc. Also the theming is done as how i saw fit. Still am proud tho of the work :)

Central big castle with a ferris wheel, ring of fire attraction (both not named yet) and inside the castle the final station is situated of the main street trams.

Main street seen from the castle

Right part of the castle, with an unnamed merry go round like attraction called "zweefmolen" in dutch, or "wellenflug" in german

Right and a bit behind of the castle, with the entrance building of big thunder mountain


And the onride of big thunder mountain. I know it normally soars through orange rocks and has a western theme, but i liked it this way :) So now this is my version

And a shot from inside the castle towards the isle of big thunder mountain

Part of the park with the castle, big thunder mountain, ferris wheel, and a boat ride

And the whole park for now. At the south you see a bit of a water coaster, but that is "under construction" for now

This is all folks for now.

Hope to see your all reactions, about how you like it so far.

Untill soon,

Cheers, Mara
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