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I build with a Frind on a

World of Warcraft - Classicpark.

We had 4 zones,
- Stranglethorn with Zul Gurub (construction completed)
- Silithus with Ahn'Qiraj (still at work)
an my Frind build
- Blackrock
- Naxxramas

I would like to present you some of my work:

entrance area


- Zul' Gurub (roller coaster)
- Jungelhotel (deko)
- Nethingwary's Expedition (car route)
- Crocolisks maw (Freefall tower)
- Examination of Zandalar (hammer swing)


(still at work, only a little preview)

As a WoW player myself, I really dig this! I started a park called the Lich Kingdom but changed my mind for the Magic Kingdom in Florida. Anyway, great work, love what you created for Stranglethorn!

it has passed some time. Now my World of Warcraft Classicpark is ready. My PC does not have enough power for another park-upgrade.

Please look at the park but rather live, on pictures can be easily show no details.

I hope you like it as much as I do, I would like to have built more, but it does not help!

Workshop Link:

New in this update:
- Blackrock (complete)
- Naxx (building site)
- brightening the environment

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I have started with the last zone. These are the Western Plaguelands and Naxxramas.
I hope you like the pictures, when it is ready it will be a darkride white water course.

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