World's Fair Pack coming soon!

Please let us swap more trains to the new coaster track. Also let us have the hydrolic launch at an incline!
Please let us swap more trains to the new coaster track. Also let us have the hydrolic launch at an incline!
It's sad that we can't for both things (although the preview build didn't have things like the new fireworks, so maybe there's still a chance for the trains). We used to be able to build hydraulic launches on inclines in the Alpha. We aren't really asking for a large incline; just like up to 5 or 10 degrees.
Please let us swap more trains to the new coaster track. Also let us have the hydrolic launch at an incline!
My only hope for this pack is putting the Intamin)Invincible cars on the bike-coaster to simulate a bit of Schwarzkopf goodness. Don´t tell me this wont be possible!?!?
Very much looking forward to both the free and paid updates.

That said (and I’m always the first to try and see things positively) some areas do feel underwhelming, specifically the building sets. I think we will find that the lack of roofs and gable ends will frustrate a lot of builds. A perfect example is the “Spanish” set. Whilst some may say it adds to the stucco set, you’d have hoped for a paid DLC to include a fully fleshed set. Also, like the studios DLC, we seem to have many integrated items. Would be nice to have separate doors / windows / detailing in addition to the complete pieces.

Don’t get me wrong, the branding, design, sound all seem to be incredible. What has been done is a really high quality. However it is the first time I’ve questioned the value of a DLC.
OK those vids made me feel better about this pack. The roofs are going to be a huge mess with the amount of stuff I have to redo in my Dark Elf area and the half timbered building pieces make me crazy because of how much time I have spent doing those the hard way but it'll help in the future. Also the fancy building pieces are super useful to me. I am sure there will be more fiddly bits I didn't see in the vids.

I would insta buy any DLC, honestly, even one like SUMMER FUN! which would probably be useless to me but I'd do it anyway.
I’m going to leave my original post unedited as it contains my initial thoughts. However, after watching another YouTuber go through the items, I’m much happier with the pack. They went into more detail and showed items that we missing from the first video I watched.

Just goes to show - don’t judge content by another’s opinion and, more importantly, the risk of Frontier allowing YouTuber’s first access rather than pushing out their own video.
Thank you that some "Influencers" were allowed to release the content videos early.
I am a bit mixed about the pack. Those parts are tempting, but nothing i really "need" in there or would solve my current issues.

Still not really sure if i will buy it. So at the moment i will wait for the release notes and study them first.
Maybe there are changes in the game which could suddenly make it useful.
I'm excited to see what's in the pack tomorrow.

But how come there's still no news or updates in the official thread about this pack in the News and Updates section of the official forums from Frontier themselves, yet again?
It's free advertising to the target audience here. You want my money. A few screen shots and a quick video surely isn't a lot of effort to put in to sell a product. No offense, but I personally have little interest in watching unofficial videos made for likes and views just to get the information you'd expect to find in the seller's website.
I could never imagine a situation where you'd be looking to buy something from a high street store's website but having to watch a random person's vlog on YouTube to find out what they sell before you place your order. Just saying.

Rant aside, I can't wait to get stuck in and see what new toys there are to play with


Feel the same
I hope you don't take it as an offense, but that list was one of the biggest collection of stereotypes, generalizationsand missconceptions I've seen.

Judging by DeLadySigner's video Frontier devs have done a mostly good job trying to take some of them main traits of each culture. So kudos to them.

Weirdly enough what disappointed me the most have been the motorcycle coasters. On the other hand the PeopleMover looks terrific [up]
And yet many many of the items mention are in Disney's EPCOT representing Mexico, China, United Kingdom, etc. So Apparently Disney thought those were good representations of the countries.
Work has begun on my brand new World Tour Theme Park!
(First build episode will be out later today)

Cant wait for this pack!! Some really nice looking elements!

Thinking of using the new People Mover as a monorail type ride around the entire park!
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