would be awesome to have my legs surgically detached from the pilot seat

I just saw a really cool video on Youtube where they showed off the (potential) interior of the inside of a Sidewinder.
Source: https://youtu.be/RfGfBX2gj2g

had me thinking that it would be absolutely awesome if the interiors of the ships were modeled and could be walked around in!

I would even pay money for an expansion like this. It would add so much more depth to these awesome ships in this immersive vast game. I started playing a couple months back and my goal right now is to buy an Anaconda because I love big ships and exploring but all over youtube I've heard a lot that people end up disappointed after buying it because it really doesn't feel like the massive monster of a ship that it is.

also an expansion/update like this would help you complete with Star Citizen when it comes out.

I've heard that a design for a fully modeled thargoid was released... so maybe something like this is in the works, but who knows.
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