Greetings Commanders,

I've been asked by our leader, Progenitor Alysa Lancaster, to promote opportunities to partner with Wraith Shipping, a player faction based out of Gungamato.
  • We have a squadron of approx 29 members (updated 14 May 3307) pledged to our faction, and we are currently recruiting. Players looking to join can submit an application in game for squadron ID: DDST (PC platform).
  • The faction is a cooperative government, and independent in allegiance. This lends itself to a decentralized organization that will allow new players a great deal of flexibility in how they choose to operate.
  • We are mainly based in the US (e.g., CST -6 Chicago USA), but we have a other players from different time zones (most recently, UK and Germany). We are looking to expand our time zone coverage, so players outside the US are certainly welcome.
  • If you are already in a squadron, or prefer to operate outside of a squadron, we are also interested in networking to grow our connections with our players.
Our faction may be a good fit for the following players:
  1. Casual players. If you only play here and there, and are interested in joining a group that will place zero demands upon you, check us out.
  2. New players who are just looking to hang out and earn some credits, or learn some pointers.
  3. Older players who have busy schedules and don't want to deal with high barriers to entry, or rigid command structures.
  4. Those who want to enter on the ground floor as an equal partner in building a player organization.
  5. People who want to maintain their independence but occasionally work together with other players for a common cause.
  6. Explorers, miners, truckers, bounty hunters, and smugglers, and others who enjoy doing their own thing, but would like an added level of interactive gameplay by being part of a larger group.
  7. Emotionally mature players. Younger players are always welcome, but anyone who joins will be treated with respect and care, and so we are looking for those who are similar in that regard.
  8. Outgoing personalities. We welcome zany, creative people. We hope you invite your friends too!
  9. Role players and writers. This is not a prerequisite, but story tellers looking to expand upon the faction's open-ended lore possibilities and direction are welcome.
  10. Players who are interested in engaging in the back ground simulation (BGS) to maintain and expand the faction.
  11. Smaller squadrons who don't have a player minor faction... if you have decided against creating your own, or are still working towards making one, consider our group as a half-way house of sorts. Maybe you will stick around for good.
  12. Players who are already in other squadrons or factions, but are seeking coalitions, trade partners, wing mates, friends, etc. As a cooperative faction, we are inclined to work with others from time to time. If you are pledged to another faction, or belong to another squadron, that's cool.... but feel free to swing by our home system and drop a note (or some cargo).
Our faction is probably not a good fit for:
  1. Demanding players. We have busy work, family, and school schedules, and so this group is meant as a relaxing diversion, not an obligation. We are not going to ask any members to engage in any mandatory activities, or guilt trip those who don't spend a bunch of time in-game. We ask for the same latitude.
  2. Jerks. We are looking to make friends with new players, not enemies.
  3. It should logically follow that we don't tolerate racism, sexism, bigotry, or any hostility towards those of different religions, ethnic groups, or orientation. Again, this is meant to be an escape from the divisions of the outside world.
  4. Those without a sense of humor.
For anyone who might be interested, feel free to post below, or visit our Discord channel and drop a note. We can also be found on INARA.

Thanks for your time, and we hope to see you out in The Black.

CMDR Mersozz Yelo
Assistant to the Progenitor
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Recruiting brochure from our home office.
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Just got word from home office.... running low on booze... any help appreciated.
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Looks like the booze shipments helped boost our influence. Thanks to any/all who helped.
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Greetings and o7 Commanders!

Some updates over the past few days.....

I'm happy to report we continue to grow the squadron. Over this weekend, we've added two new squadron members - one is a veteran player, and the other is very new to the game, and learning the ropes.

The common denominator of our player faction/squadron remains unchanged: we are looking to add good folks who want to play, learn, and teach within a flexible, pressure-free environment. We have players who enjoy playing in Open. Some of the newer Commanders are playing in Solo, and that's fine too. And we recently created a Private Group so that squadron members and their friends have the ability to play together on their own terms.

Currently, we have 21 squadron members, and 38 members on our Discord Server . As mentioned elsewhere, it is not a requirement to join the squadron, or our player faction. We are mainly looking for opportunities to grow our circle of friendly Commanders, and so far, things have moved well in that direction. We continue to make friends with independent Commanders, and those who are in other squadrons and factions. If you are unsure of whether you want to join a squadron, but are looking to make some new friends or need some advice, we welcome you to stop in.

It is a vast galaxy, with room for many different play styles. As the great Sol philosopher Lebowski taught, we will abide. We celebrate his discovery, and invite you to join us in honoring his message of hope in these troubled times.

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Latest update from Wraith Shipping.... our squadron continues to grow, now numbering 22 members. We are set to expand yet again from our home system of Gungamato.

We also have several members who are checking out the Odyssey alpha....
Caleb Away Mission.jpg
Our squadron is named in honor of a 20th century thinker from Sol who was lost to history following the devastation of World War III. In 3281, a Wraith Shipping salvage team partially recovered video footage of Lebowski from the data logs of The Treehorn, a heavily-damaged generation ship.

Debate continues on whether Lebowski was a fictional character or a great philosopher. But the majority of historians are now convinced he did in fact abide over 1300 years ago.
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