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X-Dimension Seat Angle does not affect G-Forces


All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected

The G-Force Readings are not affected by rotating the seats. This means that for example during the compression in a valley the game does not seem to differentiate wether the G-Forces press the rider comfortably into his seat or wether they break his claviculae or cause a red-out because he's hanging upside down.

Steps to Reproduce
Build an X-Dimension coaster with a valley and test different seat angles during said valley. Note how these changes do not affect lateral and forward G-Forces.
This is a known bug for all coasters. The game simply does not take into account earths gravity so riding upside down is the same as riding rightside up. Sadly the devs have shown no interest in changing this, which I understand since it would break all of the coaster ratings in the game. I wish they would at least admit this though instead of ignoring all the posts that mention it.


Frontier QA Team
Staff member
This is something we are aware of, as it's been mentioned in several report threads. We have passed the feedback on to the designers and it is currently being considered.