Roller Coasters X Unit: a R.M.C. launched wooden coaster

This coaster is a R.M.C. launched wooden coaster.
Story: "When it comes down to this, that realm make me cringe and scared at the same time. Enter the world that is like Deviant Art got it's world, meet what they called them self X, Cause they have one letter "X" some where on their body. They're not here, they fled to the other realm and try to hide here after one human enter though it's portal. Enter inside their world and Find Dirty Secret and some Filthy (literally) plans. And hope on that car called the "X-car" and see it inflate to full power and send you out of here."
Stats: Height: 165 ft./Speed: 69 mph./Length: over 3,000 ft./Inversion: 5, Barrel Roll Drop, Zero-G-Roll, Stall, Corkscrew, Heart-line Roll/Force: 4.5 g/Launch Speed: 50 mph. (it's not here but it will be soon)
I know the ride will be a little cringe, but it's one of the intense wooden coaster I created in Planet Coaster. I hope you enjoy this ride once it's done.
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