Discussion X52 Pro, X56 or T.16000M

Thinking of getting a stick for playing but am not sure which to get, I've read that the one in game is almost identical to the X52 but the T.16000M is designed with the game in mind, and obviously the X56 has the dual thrust and more buttons, which one should I get, do any of them obviously trump the other, bearing in mind I'll be playing a few other games with it as well like XWA
I have the x56 and love it. The dual small sticks are amazing for thruster control. I couldn't go back to using a stick with out them.
I have the x56 and the dual thumb sticks are so uncomfortable to use....

I came from a dual joystick setup with one for primary flight, and the left for up / down, left / right, forward / backward thrust control. The throttle axis on both were for cargo scoop and landing gear. etc..

One had full targeting, left and right triggers, etc...

I may actually go back to that - Thrustmaster has a left handed joystick which makes sense to get. I also have tried using hat switches for the up / down, left / right thrust and that works well too without needing forward / backward...
Early X52-pro HOTAS were 10 times more reliable than the X55 or X56 as Saitek went to pot with reliability in the early 2000s when sold. My X52 Pro lasted 13 years.
X55 and X56 have more buttons and functionality.
X56 has 2 alalog mini sticks on the throttle, whilst the X55 had digital ones.
Mouse thumb button useless on both X55 and X56.
The 16000 is superb but has many many less buttons and sticks.
The warthog has not yaw, is expensive but the most reliable.

There is currently no holy grail HOTAS :(
I use two T16000's in a dual HOSAS setup, with the left stick to manage thrust instead of throttle. It allows for more precise controls more akin to how FPS controls work. You "look" with the right stick and "move" with the left. It allows for amazing strafing and other things. I also use Voice Attack with the HCS Voicepacks and an Oculus Rift. I used to use an X52 Pro, but the build quality was poor IMO, and it broke on its own after a few years. The precision wasn't there with it either. If I could have it my way, I would own dual X55 Sticks, but they are pricey and the company that custom makes the left handed X55 stick can get costly too.

Honestly, it's all personal preference. Do your research, find out what you think will suit you, and give it a go.
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