[INDEPENDENT] Xamdell Industries Recruiting for new Corporate Pilots

Here at Xamdel Industries we pride ourselves as being a diverse corporation who caters to all type of work. We handle package logistics, mining operations, exploration, passenger transportation and many more. We are looking for new or experienced pilots who want to help us create our own minor faction and start spreading our influence through out the galaxy. You can find us in the squadrons menu with the market identifier code XDIS. We currently play in private servers as we have new pilots still learning the game, but once we are established will move to the open universe. We hope to hear from you soon!
yo do you have a discord or teamspeak and how many have you got in your group I'm interested I'm a returning player and looking for a group that are going to be on regularly
We do have a small discord set up, do most our coms in game. Right now just 3, super small and just starting. I am a returning player so I have some experience behind me. The other two are new. We are trying to get at least 10 so we can apply for an minor faction.
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