XBOX Hotas flight stick

Hey Xbox Commanders!
Does anyone know if it’s possible to use the Hotas flight stick and the Xbox controller at the same time?
Curious for the release of odyssey, on foot with the controller and Hotas for flying!
You are not alone in wanting this.

We used to be able to, up to Patch 2.4, but then 3.0 came and the ability was removed. Many of us are still unhappy about that.

If FDev is good, they will make it possible to use a controller, the HOTAS, and a keyboard, all simultaneously. Without that, providing KB support will be a waste of dev time and effort.
Sorry, what’s KB support?

I think with the space legs coming, I wouldn’t wanna be walking around witha thruster haha!

it lends it self to the immersion beautifully, leaving the ship you pick a controller. Entering, yousit into your HOTAS seat and get ready to fly.
Buy a Xim and every console game has KB/M support.

It's possible they may restore the ability to use both controller and HOTAS with ED:O, but not holding my breath.
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